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Fishing the Lake Erie Tributaries

(From the 11/21/20 Show)  Dave “the Bergmangler” Bergman takes time to enjoy travelling north for fishing.  The famed fall run of steelhead happens each year & the states of Ohio, Pennsylvania & New York welcome anglers from across the east coast.  We’ll find out about travelling by car during a Pandemic & the challenge of catching these lake run rainbow trout that get big & strong during their time in the “Lake” & then begin the chase of bait as they stage during their trip up these tributary rivers.

The Backpacking Lifestyle

(From The 11/21/2020 Show)  Backpacking on the Carolina Outdoors:  James Gregory (Greg) Catledge grew up in the Delta of Mississippi which isn’t considered a hotbed for backpacking.  At eleven years of age, he was introduced to the sport through Scouting, which included a trip to NC’s Smoky Mountains. During this time we’ll learn about what the sport means to Catledge & what separates backpacking from hiking & some of his favorite places to explore.  He’ll also delve into continuing the sport as age becomes more of a factor & physical challenges & pains become more noticeable.

False Albacore Of NC

(From The 11/14/2020 Show)  What’s better than owning a boat?  Having a friend that owns a boat.  Wes Lawson has it even better.  His brother has a boat & they took off (with father and son) for Cape Lookout, NC, & the False Albacore fall run that is taking place now.  Whether you are a conventional angler, fly angler or like to mix a little of both, now is the time for pursuit of the “albies” as they chase bait close to shore.  The run famously can happen between September & December, but for 2020, mid-November, is the time.  Listen in to learn about this special happening in NC.


The Southern Wildlife Watcher

(From The 11/14/2020 Show) Rob Simbeck, author of The Southern Wildlife Watcher, joins the program to talk about his history with dealing with the wildlife of the entertainment business & his introduction to the outdoors.  His new book, with a foreward by the famed outdoor writer, & Rock Hill resident, Jim Casada, celebrates his collection of 36 creatures around the Southeast.  From the housefly to the snake, the bear to bullfrog, Simbeck’s smooth style writing  & speaking shows through on this segment of the show.

Get Your YonBons Here!

(From The 11/07/2020 Show) On this segment of the Carolina Outdoors program, we’re going to step into the endurance athlete world with Jamey Yon of TriYon Performance. Yon is a trainer, nutritionist, and one of our area’s best known endurance athletes. We’ll learn about his best races, his worst races and what he learned along the way. What makes up an endurance competition & what things are important to whatever endeavor you may be taking on? Plus, proper clothing, stretching & nutrition play a part in having a successful activity. Whether it is a one-mile hike, multi-mile run or bike ride or you just want a healthy snack during your day. Yon shares his experiences & lessons that he’s learned.

Dupont State Forest: A History

(From The 11/07/2020 Show) Need a NC day trip adventure? Dupont State Recreational Forest is one of the newest additions in the state recreational system. It has hiking trails, biking trails & a rich history. We’ll find out from our guest, Danny Bernstein, about why North Carolina, in general, and Dupont Forest, specifically, is a great place to go enjoy a hike. We’ll learn about the industrial side of Dupont Forest & its transition into a gem of recreational activity & beauty. Bernstein’s new book, Dupont Forest: A History, goes into detail on this area southeast of Brevard (NC). Find it at Jesse Brown’s Outdoors online. Plus, learn her personal (and professional slogan) during her conversation with Bill Bartee.

That’s A Wrap, Y’all!

(From The 10/31/2020 Show) It’s that time again everybody: time to wrap up the show! While you reminisce on the great adventures we had today, make sure to work in a stop to Jesse Brown’s in your weekly travels. And, remember: Get Outdoors, Pick Up Your Trash & We’ll See You Next Time On The Carolina Outdoors!

The Queen Of Kings

(From The 10/31/2020 Show) Just west of the Queen City, two states and the federal government are connected to a mutual iconic place: Kings Mountain. Here Crowders Mountain State Park (in NC) is linked to Kings Mountain State Park (in SC) AND Kings Mountain Military Park (Federal) via the Ridgeline Trail. Not only are the views breathtaking, but it is also incredibly historic: “Kings” was a turning point for the Patriots during the Revolutionary War in the Southern Campaigns as well as the entire War. Today, it is a great quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of city life! With fewer crowds and many great activities, join the Outdoor Guys in adventuring to this area from the comfort of your home.

Spring Forward, Now FALL BACK!

(From The 10/31/2020 Show) On this segment, the Carolina Outdoors Show welcomes Jesse Brown’s Outdoors’ General Manager Wes Lawson onto the airwaves in order to speak about Daylight Saving Time. After all, we’re about to ‘fall back’ one hour. What does this mean? Where does this tradition come from? What is its history? Also, where does World War I fall into this conversation and why is this subject so divisive to some? Join us as we learn more!

Celebrating The Carolina Outdoors

(From The 10/31/2020 Show) Welcome back to the Carolina Outdoors Show where anything and everything Carolina & outdoors related is celebrated! Bill Bartee kicks off our adventures this morning chatting about Daylight Saving Time as well as Kings Mountain State Park. Both are very appropriate conversations to host this time of year! Listen in to hear why.