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Hey, P-U Pepe’ Le Pew!

(From The 02/15/2020 Show) Roses are on sale at Harris Teeter, Pepe’ Le Pew! Remember at the beginning of today’s show, Bill and Don were discussing animals out and about in this warmer-than-normal spring weather? Well, the Outdoor Guys close by talking about skunk mating season and how it coincides with Valentine’s Day. What?! It’s a new article written by Mark Price of the Charlotte Observer and discusses the ins and outs of this subject. Don volunteers memories of past skunk interactions and makes us all thankful that we can listen to his stories and not participate in them!

We Have Footwear To Boot!

(From The 02/15/2020 Show) Hey, it’s also time for flip-flops! After all, it will be spring break here shortly. But even if you don’t have kids in school or are in school yourself, you still have an excuse to go on an adventure! The Outdoor Guys invite on Wes Lawson, General Manager and outfitting extraordinaire at Jesse Brown’s, to discuss the new footwear options we have coming into the store. What is a 3-point sandal? Listen in to find out what these are, including the new Vibram 5-Finger shoes which are ready to hit the trail! All of these are next to the Chaco sandals which are a must for canoeing or the beach, so wherever you are headed, know that we at Jesse Brown’s can prepare you and your feet for it.

A Season Of Festivals

(From The 02/15/2020 Show) Spring is in the air, and so its festival time! There is SO much going on both here at Jesse Brown’s and across Charlotte, NC. From the Uncorked Wine Festival at Discovery Place on February 29th and the Beer Bourbon & BBQ Festival at BofA Stadium on March 7th, to the Southern Spring Home & Garden Show where JB’s will have a booth, as well as a number of fly fishing clinics, lessons, and instructionals happening all throughout the month of March here at Jesse Brown’s, there is no excuse to sit still and be in want of activities. Bill and Don discuss ALL of this and more!

Springtime Critters & Happenings

(From The 02/15/2020 Show) This week really is beginning to feel like spring…or early summer maybe?! After all, we are well above average temperature-wise for this time of year in the Carolinas. There aren’t any woolly worms to tell us this, but rather the blue birds and flocks of ‘velociraptor robins’ hunting for worms. The Outdoor Guys briefly discuss upcoming turkey season in April, ski weekends happening now both locally and out west, as well as the new equipment, gear, and footwear making its way into Jesse Brown’s. Oh, and don’t forget, Rocky River Trout Unlimited is hosting its annual chapter banquet on February 20th at Covenant Presbyterian Church and Bill is the featured speaker and auctioneer!

Roadway Safety!

(From The 02/08/2020 Show) Now remember everyone, there is more winter left! The good thing though, is that most winterwear items are now on sale. So don’t be afraid to venture outside while staying warm! Bill and Don also discuss pedestrian and vehicle safety while on the roads of Charlotte, NC…how to be safe as well as what to do and NOT to do while in various situations whether that be crossing streets safely or walking facing traffic roadside. The conversation quickly turns into exploring the numerous names for groupings of like-animals…murders, packs, crushes, and others…you’ll have to listen in to find out how the Outdoor Guys arrived there! Until next time!

Travel Trip Tricks

(From The 02/08/2020 Show) In this segment of the Carolina Outdoors, Don gets Bill ‘off the hook’ for Valentine’s Day! The Outdoor Guys then discuss trip ideas with Jesse Browns’ own Wes Lawson – General Manager and travel specialist. From calming fears of the Coronavirus to tricks, tips, and education for being prepared while traveling, Wes draws on his personal experiences from around the world as well as Jesse Brown’s relationship with the State Department. Echoing Wes, wherever you are traveling, choose JB’s, independent and local since 1970, for travel knowledge and tailored travel information. Let us maximize the return on your trip investment!

They’re Dueling Banjoes At The Earl Scruggs Center!

(From The 02/08/2020 Show) When Don heads west to go fishing in the mountains, he heads through Shelby, NC, which is not just famous for Bridges BBQ, but also for the gem that it contains in the way of the Earl Scruggs Center. The Outdoor Guys invite on Mary Beth Martin, Executive Director of the Center to discuss who Scruggs was and how he influenced country music using the banjo techniques he pioneered, as well as some upcoming exhibits and exciting events coming up soon (such as the Earl Scruggs Music Festival in September 2020!). Listen in for some fascinating behind-the-scenes stories and then head on over to Shelby…for some music and that good ol’ BBQ!

Spring Is Springing With Leaps & Bounds

(From The 02/08/2020 Show) The world is closing in on Valentine’s Day as well as Spring all at the same time it seems here on the Carolina Outdoors, and so the Outdoor Guys discuss all of this, gifts, and more in today’s segment. From taking on your own challenges and adventures, to events that Jesse Brown’s will be hosting or participating in over the next few weeks and months (such as the Spring Home & Garden Show, the Fly Fishing Film Tour, and a Ladies’ Only Fly Fishing Trip!) there is so. much. planned. So stay tuned!

Waterman Survives

The premise of Storyteller’s Night at Jesse Brown’s, which is coming up Thursday, February 6th, from 6-8PM, is that people all around us do some pretty cool and exciting things. As the last story preview on today’s show, the Outdoor Guys speak with one of these individuals, Joe Sheridan Jr., who will be telling his story, “Waterman Survives” about the sport of free-diving (deepwater diving while holding your breath). Joe discusses how he became interested in the sport, where his favorite locations are to dive, and how, when done properly, this sport can give one an eye-opening world experience.

He Is Ironman

It’s storytime! And both children and adults alike are welcome at Jesse Browns’ famous Storyteller’s Night which is occurring Thursday, February 6th, from 6-8PM in store. In this segment, Bill & Don check in with Jamey Yon, one of the world’s best athletes, who will be telling his story that night, “I Am Ironman.” From how Jamey was inspired to begin competing in the world’s toughest triathlon after growing up as a golfer, to continuing to complete these physically challenging endurances year after year, to now also training and coaching others, this story will be a great experience to hear in person!