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Mountain Khakis Creative Director–Adam Webb

(From the Air Date, 2/20/2021):
Adam Webb the Creative Director of Mountain Khakis joins Bill Bartee of the Carolina Outdoors to share this prominent brand’s story.  Born on the rugged frontier of Jackson Hole, Wyoming & groomed on southern charm, the brand has Continue reading Mountain Khakis Creative Director–Adam Webb

Lisa Reinhart-Director of Design at MK

(Air Date, February 13, 2021)
Mountain Khakis took the outdoor apparel world by storm in 2003.  Here our host, Bill Bartee, helps us learn how the Charlotte-based brand started & then Continue reading Lisa Reinhart-Director of Design at MK

Mountain Khakis-Not Just Pants, Not Just Men’s

(Air Date–February 13, 2021)
The conversation continues beyond the beginning of  a pant company with Lisa Reinhart, Director of Merchandising, Design & Development, at Mountain Khakis.  During this segment she shares Continue reading Mountain Khakis-Not Just Pants, Not Just Men’s

Cancellation of SEWE-2021

(Air Date–February 13, 2021)
The Outdoor Guys, Wes Lawson & Bill Bartee, mention Valentine’s Day upcoming & complementary gift wrapping at Jesse Brown’s.  Even make your visit to Jesse Brown’s an adventure as you Continue reading Cancellation of SEWE-2021

Kick Off February’s Carolina Outdoors

(From the February 6th, 2021 Air Date)
Yippy-Ki-Yay!! The Carolina Outdoor Guys chat about the topics for this week’s program.
Listen up about the Appalachian Trail and Custom Knifemaking but first what’s happening around the shop.  Two Charlotte-based businesses join forces at The Outpost.  Mountain Khakis and Jesse Brown’s

Appalachian Trail Conservancy Says NO to Recognizing Thru-Hikers

(From the Air Date, February 6th, 2021)
The Appalachian Trail is a 2180+ mile long public footpath that travels the scenic, wooded, pastoral Appalachian mountains over the course of 14 states.  It is maintained by the National Park Service, the US Forest Service, the Appalachian Trail Conservancy & a ton of volunteers.
A recent announcement by the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) states that thru-hikers (people that attempt to hike the entire trail at once) will not be recognized for 2021.  The reasoning is to attempt to limit the amount of people on the trail.  The Carolina Outdoors discusses and clarifies what this means for the millions (yes, 3 million people utilize the Trail).

Custom Knife Making by J. Michael McRae

(From the Air Date, February 6th, 2021)
A local craftsman making tools like knives, broadswords, dirks & Sgian Dubh (skeen doos) that are handmade & historically accurate from 17th Century Scotland joins the program.  J. Michael McRae from Scotia Metal Works shares his passion for making these items. McRae shares which blade is “the American Express card Continue reading Custom Knife Making by J. Michael McRae

Wrapping Up! Early February Show

(From the airdate of February 6th):
The Wrap Up for this week features a look into the world of the Appalachian Trail Thru-Hiker during the Pandemic, plus Women’s products are featured in The Outpost with Mountain Khakis at Jesse Brown’s.  Oh yes, special thanks to the man responsible for the sharp knives from the famed-maker at Scotia Metal Works, J. Michael McRae.

Gear Aid & Prolonging the Life of Equipment

(From the 1/30/21 Air Date):  Beaty Jackson has worked in the outdoor business for over 40-years.  He knew that was what he wanted to do after an extended hike on the Appalachian Trail.  Since then he has worked within manufacturing, outfitting & sales & has learned that the gear and equipment involved are more than just items:  they represent memories and experiences.
Gear Aid is a company he represents that helps prolong the life of equipment.  Tent & Boot repairs, reviving outerwear‘s waterproofing & fixing zippers are just some of the many solutions their products provide.
Jackson shares his ethos & knowledge in helping make our gear last longer.