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The Road To Nowhere

(From The 06/27/2020 Show) While you’re enjoying the lakes of the Carolinas this summer, take pause to think about the entire communities which used to exist before water flooded those valleys. Their foundations now exist under Lake Fontana, Lake James, Norman, Lake Tillery, and more. Plus, what is “The Road to Nowhere,” how does it relate, and how did it get its name? You will be fascinated by the stories of long ago thriving communities. Lastly, thanks for listening, and remember to get outdoors, pick up your trash, and tune in next time to The Carolina Outdoors.

You Know About Bathtub Gin?

(From The 06/27/2020 Show) Or, Hootch…White Lightening…Mountain Dew? All are names for moonshine. Today we hear from Jesse Brown’s own Christopher Lawing, as he steps in to answer questions all about moonshining. Moonshining stills of all sizes, existed across the Carolinas, especially in the Appalachia regions. Bootleggers even gave rise to NASCAR! So, let’s learn about what they were made of and where they existed, and if Bill and Christopher have ever seen one in person…

Anything And Everything: Fish, Fish, Fish!

(From The 06/27/2020 Show) Jesse Brown’s Fly-Fishing Guide & Extraordinaire, Dave Bergman, continues the conversation from saltwater to freshwater, including cold, cool and warmwater fish. Listen in and learn how summertime, sunlight, and water temperatures change the actions of the fish.

Fishing Carolina

(From The 06/27/2020 Show) On today’s segment of the Carolina Outdoors, Bill Bartee and Dave Bergman introduce the show. As you may have guessed, the first half of today’s show will cover fishing. Where? ALL OVER the Carolina’s, of course!

Wrapping It Up…

(From The 06/20/2020 Show) Well, all good things must come to an end, and so for now, Bill Bartee must wrap up the program.  Thanks to Joe Sheridan from Waterman Survival for joining the program as well as ‘TJ the DJ’ for always making the show happen from the studio side of things. Remember to get outside and pick up your trash!

Hold Your Breath: Part 2!

(From The 06/20/2020 Show) The conversation about going deep in underwater adventures continues on the Carolina Outdoors with Joe Sheridan. Also, there are sometimes similarities in going high (such as climbing) compared to going deep (free diving). But, the training and sense of accomplishment are the same. Especially for those people with certain fears.

Hold Your Breath: Part 1!

(From The 06/20/2020 Show) Show guest Joe Sheridan of Waterman Survival joins the program to talk ‘free diving’ today. What is that you ask? A sport that includes competition and non-competitive outings, and is used for everything from military maneuvers, spear fishing, big wave surfing, and just plain underwater exploring. Check out course information here:

Until Next Time…

(From The 06/13/2020 Show) Bill Bartee and Wes Lawson close out this week’s show with a recap and an invite you stop by Jesse Brown’s Outdoors store (in the Sharon Corners area of Charlotte) as well as the Jesse Brown’s Facebook and Instagram page (@jessebrownsclt). As always, remember to get outside and pick up your trash!

Summertime, And The Cicadas Are Hatching

(From The 06/13/2020 Show) Jesse Brown’s Outdoors’ General Manager, Wes Lawson, introduces us to the sounds of summer, specifically the evening sounds of the cicada. The summer of 2020 will include the cicada’s 17-year hatch making this an interesting morsel for all wildlife (including people, but especially fish). They grow 2-3 inches and live for 14-50 days, spending time mating, eating, and dying. What does this mean? Well for one, you may want to choose your flies carefully and kick back in nature while enjoying the evening sounds of summer.