Jesse Brown’s Outdoors: A 52-Year Tradition!

(From 09.03.22, Segment 4)

As we head into this Labor Day Weekend, The Outdoor Guys brings this episode of The Carolina Outdoors back home to Jesse Brown’s Outdoors, discussing the many wonderful things happening at Charlotte’s Original Outdoor Store. Since 1970, Jesse Brown’s Outdoors has been supplying anything and everything for outdoor pursuits and adventures and we are especially proud to continue this tradition now in our 52nd year.

Bill Bartee and Christopher Lawing close out today’s show with an invitation to visit our online store at AND our brick-and-mortar store at 4732 Sharon Road, Suite 2M in Charlotte’s Premier Shopping District of SouthPark. And especially this Labor Day Weekend, there are some sales as we say ‘bye’ to summer and ‘hello’ to fall.

Until next time, watch some college football, reflect on some of your own hallowed traditions, and we’ll meet you back here on The Carolina Outdoors!

Ringing In Dove Season

(From 09.03.22, Segment 3)

Another hallowed tradition to help ring in the autumn season is the Opening Day of Dove Season! The Outdoor Guys invite on Sampson Parker Jr., Wildlife Officer for Mecklenburg County, to discuss not only his responsibilities but also his ‘ins-and-outs’ recommendations for this iconic sport.

Officer Parker is the only NC Wildlife Resources Commission wildlife officer assigned to Mecklenburg County, and so he, along with assistance from officers in the surrounding counties, will be making sure that dove hunters are out safely participating in the activity while also following the laws and regulations. Sounds like a busy job? He says he likes his office (the outdoors!) better than anyone else!

And, as with most other outdoor activities, for those needing gear, Jesse Brown’s Outdoors is a wonderful place to turn, supplying brands like Filson to make sure the day goes off without a hitch.

Kickoff To College Football!

(From 09.03.22, Segment 2)

One of these traditions to help ring in autumn, is the hallowed Kickoff To College Football! Most everyone has a team they pull for, whether it is their alma-mater or a beloved sports team in the community they now call home. But either way, all around the country, this Labor Day Weekend marks the beginning to renewed rivalries and good-fun-antics as fans line up behind their teams.

The Outdoor Guys invite on Ed Billick of WBT-Sports to discuss what this time of the year and sport season means to us all: anticipation, tradition, excitement, new beginnings, and so much more. So, make sure that as you head out to participate in the football kickoff energy this year, you include Jesse Brown’s Outdoors in the fun by grabbing one of their super comfortable GCI Outdoor chairs for some lean-back-and-relax gridiron viewing (before you jump up and down cheering for your team, of course)!

Traditions & Transitions

(From 09.03.22, Segment 1)

Today’s entire podcast and segment series revolves around one theme: the importance of traditions as we move forward in life. And, as the Outdoor Guys kick off today’s show, Bill Bartee and Christopher Lawing discuss this topic in a way that is very near and dear to Jesse Brown’s Outdoors‘ heart – Christopher’s “Charlotte Signs Project” and the stories that come along with some of these hallowed Queen City places.

Listen in as the *new* Penguin Drive-In Restaurant is discussed as well as Christopher’s new exhibit, “Charlotte: Signs Of Home”, at the Charlotte Museum Of History. Jesse Brown’s Outdoors is proud to carry Christopher’s book, “Charlotte: The Signs Of The Times” for those occasions that deserve a unique gift, for someone wanting to take a trip down memory lane, or for those wanting to learn more about the community they call home!

And make sure to reflect on this: what are some traditions that give meaning to your life and flavor to your life story?

Cold Weather is Coming

(From 08.27.22, Segment 4)

Curious about what this winter is going to be like? Listen in as Bill and Wes discuss what weather to expect this winter in the Carolinas!

No matter where you are headed – to the beach or the the mountains – Jesse Brown’s Outdoors has all the gear you need!

Lake Norman Boating with Mike McDonald

(From 08.27.22, Segment 3)

As summer comes to a close, you’d think time on the lake is over but that is not the case on Lake Norman. With Labor Day coming up, plenty of people will be participating in lake sports. On this episode, Bill and Wes chat with Mike McDonald about traffic, safety, and the various types of boating available!

In need of sunglasses, sandals, a hat, or cooler for your Labor Day festivities? Come by Jesse Brown’s Outdoors!


Lee Clinton & Crew: Little League World Series

(From 08.27.22, Segment 2)

The 2022 Little League World Series has been going on from August 17th to the 28th in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Little League World Series usually makes you think of baseball and hot dogs, but we are here to show you another side with Lee Clinton! Tune in to find out how the baseball fields stay green and groomed!

Heading to Williamsport this weekend? Stop by Jesse Brown’s Outdoors to pick up a GCI chair, so you can enjoy all of the games while remaining comfortable.

What Does Back 2 School Mean?

(From 08.27.22, Segment 1)

Back 2 School means all kinds of things. It means going back to class, a fresh start, football season, cooler weather, labor day sales, an increase in traffic, busy schedules, and more!

What do you think of when you hear “Back 2 School?”

Listen to this episode to find out more about heading back to school and the Jesse Brown’s Labor Day Sale!

A Football Forecast With Langston Wertz

(From 08.20.22, Segment 3)

Along with the rest of the Queen City, Jesse Brown’s Outdoors sure does love the game of pigskin. But we’re not the only ones; the greater Charlotte region is ripe with star athletes and high school programs complete with enthusiastic fan bases dedicated to the sport of football.

So, in order to catch up on all of the happenings with this sport in the Charlotte-area, Langston Wertz, Jr., from The Charlotte Observer, joins us on the program to give a preview of the upcoming football season and let us know what’s happening as well as what to look for as we move into fall.

Make sure to also check out “Talking Preps: Season 6 Debut” put out by the Charlotte Observer for some more in-depth insight into this upcoming season.

And don’t delay: grab a GCI Chair from Jesse Brown’s Outdoors and and tune in to find out who you will be cheering on next!

Preparing For The Western Hunt

(From 08.20.22, Segment 2)

This time of year finds a number of folks preparing for a hunting trip out West, whether that be to Utah, Montana, Wyoming, or Colorado. For some it is a tradition and for some it will be a new experience! But how exactly does one prepare for this type of trip? Brand such as FILSON may come to mind.

Today, the Outdoor Guys invite David Gaskins onto the Carolina Outdoors to discuss preparations for a trip such as this and to offer insight into what to expect on some of the expeditions. This is a trip of a lifetime; something to be anticipated, cherished, and fondly remembered.

Seven J Outfitters in Sundance, Wyoming is one of the expedition services that offer guided hunts, and is discussed in the show’s audio. Hunt options include: Muledeer, Turkey, Elk, Whitetail, and Antelope.

As you get excited for the hunt season ahead, whether or not you will be taking one of these trips yourself, make sure to check out more of David’s adventures via his Instagram page (@dayonedave).