Learn About Bush-N-Vine from Sam Hall!

(From 04.16.22, Segment 3)

Many of you know, but for the ones that do not…Jesse Brown’s Outdoors is a pick-up location for Bush-N- Vine produce! Bush-N-Vine is a farm that offers a CSA Program. This Community Supported Agriculture Program allows you to get fresh produce from a local farm! It is a “fun way to eat fresh produce and support local farmers at the same time!” Listen in to this episode to find out more information from Sam Hall, part of the family farm, about CSA as well as all of the other activities available through Bush-N-Vine!

Appalachian Trail Talk with Allyn Morton

(From 04.16.22, Segment 2)

The weather is getting warmer and the outdoor community is ready to go with their boots, trekking poles, packs, and more! Hiking season has officially started. Everyone is out and about in the great outdoors for all kinds of reasons! The most traveled trail is the prominent Appalachian Trail (which got longer this year!). Yes, that is right. The Appalachian Trail grew to 2,194.3 miles due to footpath relocation. That means more trail to hike! Tune in as the Outdoor Guys, Bill Bartee and Wes Lawson, speak with Allyn Morton about all the things to know about the Appalachian Trail!

Golf in the Charlotte Area

(From 04.09.22, Segment 3)

Right now, it is prime-time for golf! We all know the Masters is all the talk, but there are plenty more tournaments coming up as well. The Outdoor Guys, Bill and Wes, chat with Mitch Snyder, Manager of Club Champion, about the golf community in the Charlotte area as well as the importance of the Masters and Tiger Woods to golf culture. GOLFERS: you are going to want to listen in to this one!

Jesse Brown’s Outdoors may not be the place to get your golf clubs, but we do have plenty of performance polos, wicking shorts, sunscreen, and hats!

Summer with YMCA

(From 04.09.22, Segment 2)

Summer is coming and that means gearing up for summer camp! Bill Bartee and Wes Lawson bring on Randy Peterson, Board Chair for Camp Harrison, to talk about all of the YMCA camps, activities, and organizations that you or your children can get involved in! Listen in to this episode to find out more!

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The Importance of the Carolina Thread Trail with Bret Baronek

(From 04.02.22, Segment 3)

On this segment of the Highlights of the Carolina Outdoors, Bill Bartee and Wes Lawson bring on Bret Baronek, Project Director for the Carolina Threat Trail, to talk about the importance of this regional trail system for recreation! If you are not familiar with the Carolina Threat Trail, it is “your regional network of connected greenways, trails, and blueways that reaches 15 counties, 2 states and 2.9 million people.” Listen to this episode to learn more!

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The Ways of Turkeys (& Turkey Hunters)

(From 04.02.22, Segment 2)

Who is excited for turkey season? The Outdoor Guys sure are! North Carolina turkey season starts April 2nd. For those that are wondering, these hunting seasons are set by biologist from each state. As Wes says: “Spring Gobbler Season is a really exciting time.” All of us look forward to seeing a strutting Tom out in the wild!

Scouting is always important prior to the season because as the season starts, the turkeys begin to hide out. Tune in to find out some traffic, feeding, calling, and gear tips for this turkey season! In need of gear? Check out Jesse Brown’s Outdoors!

The Catawba River with Vanessa Covington

(From 03.26.22, Segment 3)

During this episode, the topic of water continues as Bill and Wes chat with Vanessa Covington, the Recreation Director for the Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation. The Catawba River provides plenty to do within the world of recreation! Listen in to find out how you can make the most of the outdoors on the Catawba River!

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All Things Trout with Jake Rash

(From 03.26.22, Segment 2)

We all love a great stream or river, but do you ever think what creatures are living in them? Join the Outdoor Guys, Bill Bartee and Wes Lawson, as they speak with Jake Rash, the Coldwater Fishing Coordinator for the NC Wildlife Resource Commission. Now what does Coldwater Fishing Coordinator mean? It means he knows where the big trout are! Tune in to this episode to find out the hidden secrets revolved around this season of trout fishing!

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Dan’s Pain Film – F3T 2022

(From 03.19.22, Segment 3)

As you may know the Fly Fishing Film Tour takes place on March 23rd. F3T is always a marvelous event and that is due to the amazing short films! One of the films that will be shown this year is called Dan’s Pain. Listen in to this segment featuring Ben Meadows, Director of Dan’s Pain, to get a glimpse into plot of this short film!

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F3T & the Visulite Theatre

(From 03.19.22, Segment 2)

We have an event coming up very soon on March 23rd! That event is the 2022 Fly Fishing Film Tour that will take place at the historic Visulite Theatre! Jesse Brown’s has hosted F3T at the Visulite for many years and we are stoked to be back for another! There will be live music at 5:30pm and the movies start at 7:00pm! Listen in to this episode to hear more about the theatre from Bernie Brown, Owner of the Visulite.

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