Patagonia Lawsuit & Audience Questions

(From 12.03.22, Segment 4)

If you did not know already, Patagonia is suing GAP! This episode has all of the gossip on this current case!

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Places to Get Outside in Charlotte with Nature Preserve and Natural Resources Division Director

(From 12.03.22, Segment 3)

Do you currently reside in the Charlotte area? If so, it is a common assumption that you have to travel to the mountains to get out of the city and into nature. The truth is there are plenty of nature preserves and natural resources in and around Charlotte, NC! This episode will share some awesome places to get some fresh air as Bill and Wes chat with Chris Matthews, Division Director for the Nature Preserve and Natural Resources Division at Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation.

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Watauga River Fly Fishing with Sam Johnson

(From 12.03.22, Segment 2)

Join the Outdoor Guys as they chat with Sam Johnson, Author of Fly Fishing the Blue Ridge Parkway, about all the need-to-knows about fly fishing on the Watauga River. They focus in on a 12.8 mile stretch by Valle Crusis located right outside of Boone, NC. So hurry and listen in because this episode is full of fly fishing secrets.

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2022 Holiday Gift Guide

(From 12.03.22, Segment 1)

Don’t know what to give your favorite outdoor enthusiast? Don’t worry because the Outdoor Guys, Bill Bartee and Wes Lawson, are here to share everything an outdoorsman or woman will want! Tune in and visit this link to find out the go-to gifts from Jesse Brown’s Outdoors!

Holiday Travel is Back!

(From 11.26.22, Segment 4)

Holiday travel is upon us! This is your friendly reminder to be safe and courteous as you fly, drive, or bike to your destination of choice!

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Three Iconic American Brands at Jesse Brown’s Outdoors

(From 11.26.22, Segment 3)

Outdoor brands are constantly evolving. Some are new, some are old, but some are simply iconic. There are three American brands carried by Jesse Brown’s Outdoors that are timeless, durable, and full of heritage.

This episode contains all that you need to know about these brands and how their items make the perfect holiday gifts!


Winter Hiking

(From 11.26.22, Segment 2)

The Outdoor Guys are well aware that people hit the trails during the season of winter! When seasons change, so do the trail conditions. If you are thinking about hitting the trail soon, tune into this episode for how the terrain changes, what to bring, what to be on the lookout for, and what trails to hit!

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Getting Outside During the Holidays

(From 11.26.22, Segment 1)

Some people may be hesitant to go outside during the colder months, but winter can be the best time to take part in certain outdoor activities. For example, you need the snow for skiing and trout love cold water which makes winter a great time to fly fish. If you find yourself needing a breath of fresh air during the holidays, listen to this episode for cold-weather outdoor activity recommendations!

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The Highs & Lows of Hiking Boots

(From 11.12.22, Segment 4)

We have found that when it comes to choosing a pair of hiking boots, the question of a high-ankle or low-ankle always comes into play. Facing this question yourself? We have the answer you want. Listen in to find out whether you prefer high ankle or low ankle protection!

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Deer Season & Western Elk Trip with David Gaskins

(From 11.12.22, Segment 3)

Back in August, David Gaskins was in Jesse Brown’s Outdoors preparing for his western elk trip. He is back and we have all the details you want! Tune into this episode to get an update from his trip concerning hunting conditions!

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