Show Recap & Black Bass Slam in SC

Segment 4, May 13th, 2023

Special thanks to Alen Baker of the Fly Fishing Museum of the Southern Appalachians & Allyn Morton from Appalachian Trail Days for joining the program this week.

One announcement:
The SCDNR Black Bass Slam is being promoted & celebrated by the state of SC.  The goal is getting people to fish more places in the state while pursuing other species of fish.  The four targets are Largemouth, smallmouth, redeye, & spotted bass.

Participants must email photos of the fish from the side & a pic of themselves with the fish.  Each submission must include date, location, angler contact info & your fishing license number.  This can be sent to

Check out this link for more info; Black Bass Slam (

The Carolina Outdoor producer, TJ, thinks that an 8-weight fly rod in Charlotte would be perfect to pursue all four of the black bass species.

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Outdoor trips with Mom

Segment 1, May 6th, 2023

This segment is being brought to us by the Jesse Brown’s Facebook page.

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Dads get a lot of credit for helping their children love the outdoors.  At Jesse Brown’s Outdoors, a local Charlotte outdoor store, there are often tales from children about their dad or granddad, teaching them to hunt or fly fish, hike or camp.

Many times mom’s get left out.

Bill Bartee, host of the Carolina Outdoors, tells a story of his mom.  It’s a story that she hates because he became lost at Kings Mountain National Military Park.  The getting lost part wasn’t the main part of the story.  It was how his mother handled it.  She walked to the Park Ranger office and waited.

His mother was also his Den Mother in elementary school.  This time in Scouting led to bigger things including his introduction to the local Charlotte outdoor store, Jesse Brown’s.

We hope you enjoy this segment.  Powered by the Mountain Khaki pants selection from Jesse Brown’s


Unity Project with Alexys J. Taylor

Segment 2, May 6th, 2023

The beginning of something positive sometimes starts with a negative.  One positive began after ugly words were spoken by a group of Outward Bound students to a group of black students as they passed.  This incident was twenty-five years ago but helped kick off the Unity Project.

Alexys J. Taylor is the director of the Unity Project & speaks about this program of experiential education that is sponsored by the North Carolina Outward Bound School (NCOBS).  She speaks with host, Bill Bartee, from Charlotte outfitter, Jesse Brown’s, on the Carolina Outdoors.

Now the Unity Project brings together high school students from all walks of life & puts them together so they can interact with one another.  Eight different high schools in the Charlotte Mecklenburg School district:  Butler, East Mecklenburg, Garinger, Hawthorne, Mallard Creek, Myers Park, South Mecklenburg, & West Mecklenburg High Schools.

In celebration of the upcoming Mother’s Day, Taylor was asked about the influence of her mom.  During a presentation at Jesse Brown’s, the local Charlotte outdoor store, (Taylor was a storyteller at Storyteller’s Night at Jesse Brown’s) she spoke about the importance of her mother.  During this interview, Bartee was able to ask her about her relationship with her mom as a student & now.


Cradle of Forestry with Stephanie Bradley

Segment 3, May 6th, 2023

Cradle isn’t just a piece of furniture for a baby.  It is also defined a place of origin or the earliest period of life.  This is why the birthplace of forestry in the United States was named The Cradle of Forestry.

Actually, our guest, Regional education manager, Stephanie Bradley, lets us know that the initial name was the Biltmore Forest School.  It began 125 years ago in 1898.  Dr. Carl Schenck, the chief forester for the Vanderbilt estate founded it.

Bill Bartee from Jesse Brown’s & host of the Carolina Outdoors speaks with Bradley about that history but she quickly informs our Carolina Outdoors listeners about what the Cradle of Forestry is doing now.

These days recreation is another big part of the mission of National Forests.  Bradley speaks about how the ecological system, education, & recreation are all hooked together.

Bobby Bradley helps lead the Blue Ghost Photo Tours & the popular May & June Blue Ghost Firefly Twilight Tours  are just a few of the interpretive education programs that the Cradle of Forestry sponsors.

Ax throwing & Water Boiling are also contests that the Cradle of Forestry hosts.

You can see more of the classes available at the Cradle of Forestry, along with directions.

The classes are available for all ages.






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Hot Mother’s Day Gifts!

Segment 4, May 6th, 2023

Mother’s Day Gifts are coming up in importance.  Dads get so much credit for introducing people to the outdoors.  Hiking, Hunting, Camping trips are some of the stories that we hear about.  But Moms play a big part in our outdoor adventure lives.  Let’s remember them this Mother’s Day season. A Fly Fishing Trip is a perfect experience for you give her.  Another hot product for her feet are On Cloud Shoes & Chaco Sandals.  Both of these are available at the Charlotte outdoor store, Jesse Brown’s.

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Introducing this week’s Carolina Outdoors

Segment 1, April 29th, 2023

This edition we’ll speak with Captain Chris Crolley of Coastal Expeditions & Lead Guide & Fly Fishing Instructor, Dave Bergman.
We hope that this episode will show off the diversity of the Carolina Outdoors from the saltwater low country of South Carolina to the fresh mountain streams of western North Carolina.
Please enjoy & remember to visit the mother ship of the Carolina Outdoors, Jesse Brown’s Outdoors, Charlotte Fly Shop & Charlotte Outdoor store.

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Fly Fishing the Delayed Harvest streams with Dave Bergman

April 29th, 2023, Segment 2

In the early 1990s, North Carolina began the Delayed Harvest program in the western part of the state.  It opened up the streams available to fish for trout.  Trout require cold water due to their gill system & its ability to create oxygen.

Dave Bergman, Lead Fly Fishing Guide & Instructor, at Jesse Brown’s, knows this.  His knowledge has helped hundreds of people learn the sport of fly fishing.

Bergman shares with the listeners of the Carolina Outdoors why this time of year is so good.  May’s warming air temperatures, warm the water temperatures, & enliven the insect activity.  Also, the state stocks the streams & the requirement of catch & release until the first Saturday of June, helps build confidence for people fly fishing.

Learn the biggest challenge for new anglers, along with the different types of new anglers.  We’ll learn about the growth and success of ladies joining the sport & the biggest & smallest fish caught on a fly fishing trip with Jesse Brown’s.

Trips available for booking now.  Pick a date and contact us at or call 704.556.0020

Coastal Expeditions & Edible Mud

April 29th, 2023, Segment 3

There is a gem within both Carolinas with a biodiversity equal to none.  Captain Chris Crolley, CEO of Coastal Expeditions, has lead thousands of excited people on adventures throughout the estuary ecosystem in the low country of South Carolina for the past thirty plus years.  During that time he’s become one of the nations leading naturalists.

On this segment of the Carolina Outdoors, Captain Crolley, joins host, Bill Bartee to talk about the rivers, beaches, & wildlife within this area of the country, this spring.

Crolley doesn’t hesitate to educate our listeners about the art of living & being aware of the prothonotary Warbler.
We’ll learn what black water is & how it gets its name as it is born in the piedmont but changes its tinge as it heads into the coastal ecosystem.

His encouragement to get outside is contagious.  But, he reminds us of the right way to interact with wildlife & the wrong way to interact.  One way to do this is leave the motor behind and paddle.
During the interview you’ll hear Crolley spot a Painted Bunting.

Listen in as we talk about edible mud.  That’s right!  Plough mud is nutrient rich & appropriate to eat the biotic mud for enrichment.

The month of May brings the migration of the Loggerhead turtles. Crolley asks people not to bother turtles.

Donations to conservation for the South Carolina lowcountry can be made through Coastal Expeditions Foundation.

Check out there trips.
Bill Bartee, host of the Carolina Outdoors, is owner of Charlotte outfitter  & Charlotte fly shop, Jesse Brown’s.



ReCap of this week’s program

April 29th, 2023, Segment 4

Bill Bartee reminds us that if we missed any of the Carolina Outdoors you can listen in at Jesse Brown’s .  Thank you to Captain Chris Crolley, CEO of Coastal Expeditions, & Dave Bergman, lead fly fishing guide & instructor at Jesse Brown’s, for joining the program.

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Turkey Season Advice with James Buice

April 22nd, 2023 Segment 2
The Carolina Outdoors is always in season but Wild Turkey aren’t.  Lucky for us, both Carolinas are open with Turkey season, & Bill Bartee speaks with sportsman, James Buice.

Buice talks about the weather’s affect on the gobbling activity & encourages hunters to be patient because the birds are there.
He also tells hunters to be ready to be mobile.  Sitting & waiting at this point in the season is not the answer.

Bartee asks about over-calling birds & Buice says that he believes in calling because it helps strike up a conversation with the bird.
During the conversation, with James waiting to catch a plane for a New Mexico-turkey hunting trip, he speaks of the western Meriam sub-species versus what we have in the Carolinas, with the Eastern sub-species of turkey.