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Fly Fishing Museum of the Southern Appalachians with Alen Baker

Segment 2, May 13th, 2023

There is a fly-fishing hall of fame that opened in the Catskills, NY, back in 1985.  It was opened there because of the rich history that the area had within the sport.

However, the southern Appalachians also have a rich history of fly fishing.  For that reason, in 2013 the Fly Fishing Museum of the Southern Appalachians  (FFMSA) opened.  The first location was in Cherokee, NC.  It soon moved to Bryson City, NC, & recently has relocated beside the Appalachian Rivers Aquarium on Island Street.

Alen Baker was the driving force in the opening of the museum & continues on the Board.  After growing up in the Lenoir-area & working for Duke Energy, he became a leading advocate for fly fishing & conservation.  His work for Trout Unlimited & the NC Wildlife Federation, along with authoring several books have made him a mainstay in the community.

Baker joins the Carolina Outdoors to share the Museum’s place as a center point for education, history, & the arts, as well as the crafts & science of the sport.  Baker describes the goal of capturing the history of fly fishing as “old-timers” pass away & technology changes.

Technology has helped add to the sport & bring new people into it but the Museum’s intent is helping them know the techniques, styles, & people that came before them.

Bill Bartee spoke to Alen Baker with a Winston fly rod in Charlotte just to keep the spirit of the conversation in-style.

Show Recap & Black Bass Slam in SC

Segment 4, May 13th, 2023

Special thanks to Alen Baker of the Fly Fishing Museum of the Southern Appalachians & Allyn Morton from Appalachian Trail Days for joining the program this week.

One announcement:
The SCDNR Black Bass Slam is being promoted & celebrated by the state of SC.  The goal is getting people to fish more places in the state while pursuing other species of fish.  The four targets are Largemouth, smallmouth, redeye, & spotted bass.

Participants must email photos of the fish from the side & a pic of themselves with the fish.  Each submission must include date, location, angler contact info & your fishing license number.  This can be sent to SCBassSlam@dnr.sc.gov

Check out this link for more info; Black Bass Slam (sc.gov)

The Carolina Outdoor producer, TJ, thinks that an 8-weight fly rod in Charlotte would be perfect to pursue all four of the black bass species.

Wardrobes for the podcast host are brought to you by the outdoor store in Charlotte, Jesse Brown’s Outdoors.  Bill Bartee was wearing Mountain Khaki pants from Jesse Brown’s along with his Free Fly Shirt in Charlotte & Jesse Brown’s Leather Patch Hat.  His performance underwear? Worn just for this performance & from the other side of the store, the fly shop in Charlotte.