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Fly-Fishing The East Fork Of The French Broad River

(From 1.28.23, Segment 2)

A few months ago, Wes Lawson had clients on the East Fork of the French Broad River.  This multiple stream near Rosman, NC, has gone from a secret stream for locals to one of the state’s most popular delayed harvest streams.  Over 17,000 trout are stocked into this creek that flows just east of Pisgah National Forest.  This segment of the show has Wes giving Bill advice for an upcoming trip.  Remember this is western NC in winter.  Find out what Wes says about a fly fishing trip when it is cold.

Freshwater Fish Not To Eat

Segment 2, January 21, 2023

Toxins in water have always been a concern however a recent study shows the effects on the fish that we eat.  Wes Lawson shares what he’s learned about the study & how more research is being done on the fish that intake the toxins.  In the fly fishing world many have gone to catch & release, not because of the health of the fish but because in keeping the fishery healthy, enabling more fish to be caught.