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Show Intro from the Outdoor Guys

(From the 5/22 Program, Segment 1)

Wes Lawson and Bill Bartee from Jesse Brown’s Outdoors, the fly shop of Charlotte, come onto the airwaves to talk sandals for summer camp & who are the biggest influencers in the world of fly fishing.

Hanging our hat at the outdoor store of Charlotte, Jesse Brown’s, outfitting for Outward Bound, outfitting for Moondance & advising about travel is the current rage.  We hope you’ll stop by to prepare for hiking, camping & getting outside in the Carolinas & the world.

Ocean Flies USA with John Antignano

(From the May 15th, 2021 Program, Segment 2)

When the Carolina Outdoors hits the airwaves of WBT Radio early on a Saturday morning we have listeners up and down the Eastern seaboard:  New York to Florida

John Antignano, fly designer, tyer & fly fisherman, learned in New York but now resides in Florida.

He comes onto the Carolina Outdoors to report on the Florida fishing from Key Biscayne to the Keys.

Plus, to talk about some of his newest patterns of saltwater flies that have arrived at Jesse Brown’s & the balanced importance of “matching the hatch” to the all-important presentation.

Fly Fishing Guided Wade Trips in North Carolina

(From the May 8th, 2021 Program)

The Outdoor Guys from Jesse Brown’s, Wes Lawson & Bill Bartee, talk about outfitting for the sport of fly fishing, locally and globally.

Bill Bartee has an opportunity to speak to lead guide & fly instructor, Dave Bergman, during one of his days off the river and inside the fly shop, Jesse Brown’s.

Bergman says the “fishing has been good” & a lot of family groups have been going.  Mother/Son, Father/Daughter, Spouses, Siblings & other combinations have utilized his skills as a fly instructor to get out into nature & onto some trout streams.

If you’re interested in signing up for a One Person Fly Fishing Trip, a Two Person Fly Fishing Trip or a Three Person Trip (with some discussion) then click here or call the fly shop in Charlotte, Jesse Brown’s.

Learn about fly fishing in North Carolina: blue lines, wild trout & summertime angling.

Mother’s Day Reminder

(from the May 8th, 2021 Program)

A quick reminder that May 9th, 2021, is Mother’s Day.  A Guided Fly Fishing Wade Trip in North Carolina is a great idea.

Bill Bartee & Wes Lawson talk about how women often time take instruction better.  Contact Jesse Brown’s if you need help getting outdoors and want to know more about fly fishing.