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Fly Fishing Guided Wade Trips in North Carolina

(From the May 8th, 2021 Program)

The Outdoor Guys from Jesse Brown’s, Wes Lawson & Bill Bartee, talk about outfitting for the sport of fly fishing, locally and globally.

Bill Bartee has an opportunity to speak to lead guide & fly instructor, Dave Bergman, during one of his days off the river and inside the fly shop, Jesse Brown’s.

Bergman says the “fishing has been good” & a lot of family groups have been going.  Mother/Son, Father/Daughter, Spouses, Siblings & other combinations have utilized his skills as a fly instructor to get out into nature & onto some trout streams.

If you’re interested in signing up for a One Person Fly Fishing Trip, a Two Person Fly Fishing Trip or a Three Person Trip (with some discussion) then click here or call the fly shop in Charlotte, Jesse Brown’s.

Learn about fly fishing in North Carolina: blue lines, wild trout & summertime angling.

Mother’s Day Reminder

(from the May 8th, 2021 Program)

A quick reminder that May 9th, 2021, is Mother’s Day.  A Guided Fly Fishing Wade Trip in North Carolina is a great idea.

Bill Bartee & Wes Lawson talk about how women often time take instruction better.  Contact Jesse Brown’s if you need help getting outdoors and want to know more about fly fishing.