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Opening Day of Dove Season with James Buice

Segment 2, September 2nd, 2023

One of the rights of passage in saying goodbye to summer and hello to fall is Labor Day weekend.  That Saturday each year is a part of the southern tradition of opening day of dove season.  Many across the Carolinas & other states are gearing up for a noon time open in the dove field of their choice.

From the mothership & Filson dealer of Charlotte, Jesse Brown’s, Carolina Outdoor host Bill Bartee welcomes hunting & flyfishing contributor, James Buice, to share his memories of Opening Day of Dove season.
Some things Buice mentions:

  •  Make sure that you’re not hunting over a baited field
  • Have your HIP permit with your hunting license
  • Keep your gun muzzle in a safe direction
  • Wear lightweight clothing to be comfortable
  • Keep your harvested birds in a shady spot to keep them cool

These migratory birds have a daily bag limit of 15 in both Carolinas & check the dates from Opening Day & beyond in South Carolina & North Carolina.

This segment was brought to you by the classic Sundowner Boot GTX available at local YETI dealer, Jesse Brown’s.


Turkey Season Advice with James Buice

April 22nd, 2023 Segment 2
The Carolina Outdoors is always in season but Wild Turkey aren’t.  Lucky for us, both Carolinas are open with Turkey season, & Bill Bartee speaks with sportsman, James Buice.

Buice talks about the weather’s affect on the gobbling activity & encourages hunters to be patient because the birds are there.
He also tells hunters to be ready to be mobile.  Sitting & waiting at this point in the season is not the answer.

Bartee asks about over-calling birds & Buice says that he believes in calling because it helps strike up a conversation with the bird.
During the conversation, with James waiting to catch a plane for a New Mexico-turkey hunting trip, he speaks of the western Meriam sub-species versus what we have in the Carolinas, with the Eastern sub-species of turkey.