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Tent For Seven with Marty Ohlhaut & Grace Ly

Segment 3 September 9th, 2023

How many of us remember that trip back before we were married, had a job, had a mortgage, had children?  A part of life is going through these different periods & celebrating them with a part of us yearning to recreate & share them with others.

Marty Ohlhaut worked for IBM for over thirty years & then as an independent educator, travelling around the world (44 countries, 50 states).  In 1972 he and friends took on a big trip.  He was single with buddies but had the self-described, “best time of my life.”

Fast forward a dozen years, a job, a wife, and five children later-in 1994 & Marty decides begins to plan a multi-week, epic western Rockies trip for seven.  He took notes & twenty-five years later his daughter, Grace Ly found them & began to piece Continue reading Tent For Seven with Marty Ohlhaut & Grace Ly