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Mountain Khakis Celebrates Twenty Years with Ronnie Warner

Segment 3, December 2nd, 2023

Twenty years ago a new brand started in the outdoor business.  It started as a business plan that was unveiled at Jesse Brown’s.  The business plan was for the brand, Mountain Khakis.

The pants, inspired by the  mountain west, where groomed by the south.  In fact, the brand was founded and is still headquartered in Charlotte.

Bill Bartee from the Charlotte outdoor store, Jesse Brown’s & host of the Carolina Outdoors had a chance to speak with Ronnie Warner from Worth Repping has worked with Mountain Khakis over the past ten years.  He’s had a view of the brand and its affect on the industry, which he shares with us on the Carolina Outdoors.

Things You’ll Learn by Listening:

Show Highlights:

  • Warner’s first introduction to Mountain Khakis
  • Mountain Khakis helping celebrate the “casual mindset…with a rugged sensibility.”
  • The pants featured a gusseted crotch, triple stitch seams, and deep pockets.
  • The trend of dressy to casual in the apparel world
  • The growth of Mountain Khakis into a full collection of men’s shirts, pants, and outerwear
  • The Twenty Year Celebration on Thursday, December 7th, 2023, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

The Carolina Outdoors is brought to you by Jesse Brown’s.  Check out this Charlotte outdoor store located in the Southpark-area.
Great Wagon Road distillery released a Legacy Whiskey with Mountain Khakis.  A tasting will be available at Jesse Brown’s.

Event Announcement from Charlotte Outdoor Store

Segment 4, October 13th, 2023

Announcements from the outdoor store in Charlotte:  Jesse Brown’s will have a men’s pants event in Charlotte with Mountain Khakis.  The Mountain Pant, Camber Pant, & Mitchell Pant & more will be on hand with some cold drinks within the iconic brick-&-mortar fly shop.  The event will include an informational session for people interested in climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.  Macon Dunnagan, a fifty-time summitter, will be sharing his successes & knowledge on travelling to Tanzania for climbs & safari.

Thanks to our guests:  Jake Rash, Cold Water Research Coordinator, from North Carolina Resource Commission & the Fall Foliage Forcaster from Western Carolina University, Dr. Beverly Collins

From TJ the DJ & Bill Bartee: Make the Carolina Outdoors better than you found it & Pick Up Your Trash.

Pants at Jesse Brown’s with TJB & Bill Bartee

Segment 2, September 23rd, 2023

New arrivals at the Charlotte outdoor store at Jesse Brown’s.  Climb Mount Jesse Brown’s in the Sharon Corners Shopping Center that is located within the shopping district of Charlotte, Southpark.

Getting the right footwear for your fall hikes is very important.  Stop by the fly shop of Charlotte & the outdoor store of Charlotte, Jesse Brown’s, to get the right hiking boots.

TJ Boggs speaks about his upcoming trip to Colorado for some hiking, music, seeing friends, & playing in a disc golf tourney.

Host Bill Bartee celebrates the pants selection in Charlotte featuring Duckhead, Kuhl, & the twenty year old company Mountain Khakis.  Jesse Brown’s was the first retailer that brought in this western inspired but southern cultivated brand.

Show Recap & Black Bass Slam in SC

Segment 4, May 13th, 2023

Special thanks to Alen Baker of the Fly Fishing Museum of the Southern Appalachians & Allyn Morton from Appalachian Trail Days for joining the program this week.

One announcement:
The SCDNR Black Bass Slam is being promoted & celebrated by the state of SC.  The goal is getting people to fish more places in the state while pursuing other species of fish.  The four targets are Largemouth, smallmouth, redeye, & spotted bass.

Participants must email photos of the fish from the side & a pic of themselves with the fish.  Each submission must include date, location, angler contact info & your fishing license number.  This can be sent to SCBassSlam@dnr.sc.gov

Check out this link for more info; Black Bass Slam (sc.gov)

The Carolina Outdoor producer, TJ, thinks that an 8-weight fly rod in Charlotte would be perfect to pursue all four of the black bass species.

Wardrobes for the podcast host are brought to you by the outdoor store in Charlotte, Jesse Brown’s Outdoors.  Bill Bartee was wearing Mountain Khaki pants from Jesse Brown’s along with his Free Fly Shirt in Charlotte & Jesse Brown’s Leather Patch Hat.  His performance underwear? Worn just for this performance & from the other side of the store, the fly shop in Charlotte.