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Mike’s Spikes with Mike

Segment 2, July 15th, 2023

Mike Haney gives us a beach update from Ocean Drive in North Myrtle Beach, SC.  This is one of the most popular areas along the Grand Strand.  Much of the music, culture, dancing, & resorts that had such a hay day along Myrtle Beach’s boardwalk community moved northward after the Pavilion & Boardwalk were developed.

This is also where builder turned inventor, Mike Haney, moved.  He’s a self-described beach bum that enjoys the coastal life.  So much so, that he had one of the biggest beach inventions in the last twenty years:  The Hammerhead Mike’s Spike.

The Mike’s Spike is a pile-driving design that secures your sun umbrella holder into the sand.  Why has this invention been so meaningful?  Several coastal communities (North Myrtle & Myrtle Beach cities, being two of them) restrict tents & wind shade providers due to lack of room, people leaving tents on the beach, & safety reasons (namely debris flying in the wind). The restrictions during the heart of the warm weather months when the crowds are at the largest has provided Mike’s Spikes a great niche.

It goes easily into the sand within seconds & secures your umbrella so that you can enjoy the sand, water, & sun securely.

The host of the Carolina Outdoors demonstrated on-air the tamp style of Mike’s Spikes. Plus, a bit of the beach is on-hand at Charlotte’s beach store, Jesse Brown’s.  We have a sand display with Mike’s Spikes inside it.  We’re glad to demonstrate the product so that you are ready to use it as soon as you arrive at your beach destination.


Ocean Drive Beach Report w/ Mike Haney

(From the 5.29.2021, Segment 2)

Mike Haney calls into the Carolina Outdoors to share his 2021 insight on the South Carolina beaches.  His go-to beach hang out is the new “Ocean Drive (OD)” in North Myrtle Beach, SC, & it is a busy place this weekend.

Atlantic Beach Bike Week has been cancelled but hundreds of bikers are still heading that way.
You can still enjoy the June 3rd kick-off of “Music on Main” that occurs 7-9 p.m., every Thursday.

Check out Mike Haney’s invention, Mike’s Spike, that helps keep your umbrella secure and safe from the wind & his added table.  Get your Mike’s Spike and Table at Jesse Brown’s.

Learn about the limits on umbrellas at the beach. Music, Sand, Sun & good food are all to-be-counted on this summer at the beach.