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Fly-Fishing The East Fork Of The French Broad River

(From 1.28.23, Segment 2)

A few months ago, Wes Lawson had clients on the East Fork of the French Broad River.  This multiple stream near Rosman, NC, has gone from a secret stream for locals to one of the state’s most popular delayed harvest streams.  Over 17,000 trout are stocked into this creek that flows just east of Pisgah National Forest.  This segment of the show has Wes giving Bill advice for an upcoming trip.  Remember this is western NC in winter.  Find out what Wes says about a fly fishing trip when it is cold.

Recapture, A Photographer’s Quest to Recover Memories

(From 02.26.22, Segment 3)

Laurie Martin continues her conversation with the Outdoor Guys from Jesse Brown’s.  Wes Lawson & Bill Bartee delve into her love of photography & her relationship with film producer, Megan Paterwich & director, David Kernodle.  Their collaboration together, with Spiracle Films brings us the short film, Recapture.

The film debut is taking place on March 8th at Jesse Brown’s.  The event, from 5:30–7:30 will feature Martin, along with Kernodle & Paterwich, that speak on the film & answer questions regarding its creation. You are invited.

SPIRACLE FILMS takes you behind the scenes of landscape photographer, Laurie R. Martin, as she travels to Asheville, NC and Yellowstone National Park. Follow along on her artistic journey of capturing natural, raw scenes to create original compositions that fill a wall and bring viewers into the moment

Joins us for the launch of the RECAPTURE Film

Meet the photographer, director, and executive producer

Enjoy tasty beverages from Great Wagon Road Distilling Company

Access to VIP shopping experience and giveaways

Visit www.jessebrowns.com for the gear you will need to prepare for your own adventure.

Fly Fishing Guided Wade Trips in North Carolina

(From the May 8th, 2021 Program)

The Outdoor Guys from Jesse Brown’s, Wes Lawson & Bill Bartee, talk about outfitting for the sport of fly fishing, locally and globally.

Bill Bartee has an opportunity to speak to lead guide & fly instructor, Dave Bergman, during one of his days off the river and inside the fly shop, Jesse Brown’s.

Bergman says the “fishing has been good” & a lot of family groups have been going.  Mother/Son, Father/Daughter, Spouses, Siblings & other combinations have utilized his skills as a fly instructor to get out into nature & onto some trout streams.

If you’re interested in signing up for a One Person Fly Fishing Trip, a Two Person Fly Fishing Trip or a Three Person Trip (with some discussion) then click here or call the fly shop in Charlotte, Jesse Brown’s.

Learn about fly fishing in North Carolina: blue lines, wild trout & summertime angling.

Jesse Brown’s Outdoors is 51 Years Old

(From the May 1st, 2021 Program Segment 1)

Jesse Brown’s Outdoors Turns 51-Years old on May 1st, 2021.  The Outdoor Guys talk about the things that are going on in the Sharon Corners location near SouthPark & in the community.

Have a listen!