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Weekly Rides in 2023 with Jeff Viscount

Segment 2, June 24th, 2023

The Carolina Outdoors has a ton of different listeners.  Many are listening from their bed, while others are driving to work.  However, there is another group that is heading out on a bicycle ride.  Some are travelling towards group rides and others are on a solo exercise trek before traffic gets cranked up in the Charlotte area.

And when we say Charlotte we mean Mecklenburg and its surrounding counties:  the Metro area

If you’re new to the area and a cyclist, let us introduce you to the collection point for all things bike.  This is where bike commuters, recreational enthusiasts, bike couriers, bike groups, & more seek schedules, seek rides, seek community, & knowledge.  This point is: www.weeklyrides.com

It is the brainchild of a man nicknamed the “Mayor of the Charlotte Bike Community” who joins us now, Jeff Viscount, of weekly rides.

Viscount shares how WEEKLY RIDES came about? and how it has evolved.

He also explains Charlotte’s strength as a bike community.  It is recreation and exercise versus infrastructure.  However, that is changing.  The City of Charlotte over the past twenty years has helped improve connectivity.  Now with more trails in town like the Little Sugar Creek cycling is getting easier and safer.  Plus it is becoming more accessible and safe.

E-Bikes is another trend that is helping the cycling community grow and the growth and support of breweries has paralleled cycling.  Both of them encouraging and helping each grow.

Viscount speaks about the growth of gravel rides and that brings surrounding counties into the metro cycling scene.

This segment is powered by the fly shop of Charlotte: Jesse Brown’s
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Weekly Rides & Charlotte’s Mayor of Bike Town

(From the May 1st, 2021 Program, Segment 2)

May means National Bike Month & Charlotte has one of the best places to learn about bicycling rides, fundraisers & educational opportunities in the sport of cycling.

Jeff Viscount started riding in 2003 & created the popular site, WeeklyRides, through sharing his routes with a friend.  Now the site includes over 170 rides & 400 charity rides & is included on Facebook & Instagram.

Take a listen to the Mayor of Bike Town & although Jesse Brown’s doesn’t sell bicycles we love the bike community & outfit them for a ton of other pursuits with tents and sleeping bags when they’re doing a longer trip.