Oh, It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

Not only is Charlotte optimally situated between the NC mountains and the coast, but the Queen City is also very well placed between the two age-old Christmas traditions which were discussed on today’s episode of the Carolina Outdoors; the first being McAdenville, NC and the second being Lowry’s Christmas Parade. Both well known destinations are a must on ANY holiday ‘to-do’ list. The Outdoor Guys discuss these festive events as well as the difference between a meteorological and astronomical winter…one of which we are experiencing currently. Listen in to find out! Bill and Don also discuss the gift sets and warm clothing which you can find at Jesse Brown’s Outdoors for your loved ones (or for yourself!) this Christmas season.

Small Town Christmas, Big City Parade

Another age-old Christmas tradition happening this time of year is the famous Lowry’s Christmas Parade occurring Saturday, December 21st at 1PM in Lowry, SC. Bill and Don bring on Mayor Joey Wilson to discuss the ins and out of this Chester County parade, its history, why it has reached its level of fame, and what to expect at this old-fashioned Christmas parade. Only tractors, horses, and antique farm equipment are allowed; no cars, or bands. The parade started in 1982 and attracts 10,000 people in this town of 200 each year. It’s quite a festive time so maybe we’ll see you there!

Christmastown, USA: A Fascinating Story

The Outdoor Guys take a special look back at the history of Christmastown, USA (aka McAdenville, NC) which is located just about half an hour outside of Charlotte, NC. Don and Bill invite Mr. Dick Roberts on to the show to learn not only his personal story and this history that he helped to shape, but also the best way to view the holiday decor and lights, plus a recommended “back way” into town. This Christmas-tradition is a ‘must-do’ on any family’s holiday to-do list, which is why 600,000 visitors line up each season to drive and/or walk the route through town lined by the almost 500 festive decorated trees. It’s a true treat to experience unlike any other!

10 Days ‘Til Christmas Eve!

Isn’t it crazy? Well Don’s advice is to get out there and get your Christmas shopping done as quickly as possible…or just get on up the road to see the lights in McAdenville, NC (aka Christmastown, USA). From ice skating rinks and holiday events scattered all around the Carolina region to other holiday happenings and even some special current news events from around the world, Bill and Don cover quite the range of wintery events in this introductory segment.

Ice Skating At The Whitewater Center!

One of Charlotte’s crowning jewels is most certainly the US National Whitewater Center (USNWC) located along the Catawba River. Don and Christopher check in with Cooper L. at the USNWC, to get an update on their Ice Skating Rink which has replaced one of their channel pools as well as their Light Trail which has recently been installed. In addition to all that is currently going on out there already, Cooper even gives us a sneak peek as to what is to come in 2020 at this exciting outdoor venue!

Step Into Christmas Past…Right Here In NC!

Another North Carolina gem located in the Queen City’s backyard is Hart Square Village, the world’s largest collection of authentic 18th and 19th century hand-hewn log structures. In this segment, the Outdoor Guys speak with Rebecca Hart, Executive Director of the Hart Square Foundation, to learn more about the village, how it began, and how its fascinating history is being preserved for the future. Upcoming opportunities to visit, such as the Foundation’s ‘Christmas In The Village’ event, will transport visitors back in time to the pioneer days of Christmas past!

What’s In Your Backyard?

Some of us see squirrels, deer, fox, coyotes, lizards and songbirds near our homes and neighborhoods, but would you believe that a variety of birds of prey frequent our area as well? The Outdoor Guys invite Jim Warren, Executive Director of the Carolina Raptor Center, on today’s show to tell us not only about these birds, but about the significance of the Center which is the largest in the world (by # of patients seen) AND is in Charlotte’s own backyard! Jim discusses the events happening out at the Center located on Historic Latta Plantation and what’s in store for 2020.

The Christmas Lights Are Burning Bright

With Bill on assignment today out in Las Vegas, in his stead are Don and Christopher, the other Outdoor Guys pairing! They hit the ground running on today’s show going from Huntersville’s Carolina Raptor Center to Vale’s Hart Square Village to Charlotte’s US National Whitewater Center! But first, Don and Christopher cover Christmas lights, and Christmastown, USA, which is right in our backyard in McAdenville, NC, near Belmont. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Outdoor Fun, Wrapping Up Autumn, & the Southern Christmas Show

The Outdoor Guys wrap up today’s show discussing deer, the cooler weather, and Jesse Browns’ fun time at the Southern Christmas Show which wrapped up this year just in time for Thanksgiving. What merchandise should you be aware of for the Christmas and Holiday season? Bill and Don discuss it all! And, make sure to catch the last gorgeous leaves before they fall, as we finish up leaf season here in the Queen City. Until next time!

Coyotes In The Queen City?

Well, many times the Outdoor Guys have talked about how wildlife has to adapt to living in an urban environment and in our cities. Various animals come to mind when thinking about the Charlotte region and many varieties live just within our neighborhoods! With the mountains to the west and the coastal plain to the east, that means we are in the middle of piedmont region where wildlife abounds. Joe M., reporter at the Charlotte Observer, has written many articles in recent years on the coyotes living in our midst, so listen in as he, Bill, and Don, discuss this fascinating animal and what it means for us city-dwellers!