From the 1/23/21 Air Date:
Christopher Lawing joins the program to discuss GEOCACHING.  It’s a little known fact that Jesse Brown’s location at Sharon Corners (in the heart of South Park’s shopping district) has a CACHE.   What is it?  Essentially it’s a Smartphone Treasure Hunt  What do you need?  Nothing but your phone and transportation (including your legs, a bike, bus or car).  The Outdoor Guys discuss using the clues that lead to new CACHEs.  Plus, Lawing gives a quick lesson in Orienteering (the old fashion way)

Fishing Private Waters in the Winter

From the 1/23/21 Air Date:
Wes Lawson joins in the discussion of Bartee’s recent trip to “Private Water Trout Stream” in NC during the Carolina Winter.  How do the fish act in the cold?  What did they eat & How do you stay warm?  All of that & more during this segment of the show.

Wrap Up! Last Segment of the Week!

Wrap up!  Bill Bartee thanks the gang for joining in!  For Christopher Lawing, Wes Lawson & TJ the DJ Boggs—Remember to get out & always pick up your trash & visit us at Jesse Brown’s.

Shop Update! Mid-January Report

From January 16th Program–A long weekend for many because of the MLK holiday has many people heading outdoors for an extended time.  Skiing, winter fishing & nature hikes have people heading to Jesse Brown’s for outfitting & the Carolina Outdoors extends the experiences & knowledge of many into this week’s post.  Plus, seasonal markdowns of Barbour & price reductions on Benchmade knives make for some successful savings at Jesse Brown’s Outdooors.

Ski Sugar Mountain

From January 16th Program:  North Carolina’s largest ski resort is working at handling the crowds that want to escape to the High Country to enjoy the many winter sports offered.  Kim Jochl of Sugar Mountain joins the program to share their spacing, mask requirements & first come/first serve policy during the Pandemic.  Listen in & learn that sometimes the secret to a ski escape is weekday & night skiing along with tubing & skating.

Bonefishing – Sport fish with Speed

From January 16th:  It’s cold outside which makes it more fun to talk about warmer fishing places.  James Buice of Buice & Associates, rep for Solitude Flies, Nautilus Reels & Scott Rods joins Bill Bartee & Wes Lawson to talk about the bonefish.  Florida, The Bahamas, Mexico & more are fantastic destinations for this speedy shallow water resident of salt water that has a lot of speed.  Preparation, gear & expectations make this fish different than that of any other.

Wrap Up! Mid-January ’21-Segment 4

From January 16 Program:  A long weekend for many means more people getting outdoors.  Special thanks to our guests: Kim Jochl from Sugar Mountain talked about spreading out, first come-first serve & skiing weekdays to escape the crowds & James Buice educated us on fishing for the famed sportfish, The Bonefish.  Remember to get outdoors and pick up your trash.


Report From The Shop

(From the 01/09/2021) Report from Jesse Brown’s.  Bill Bartee & Wes Lawson give a breakdown from their home shop:  Jesse Brown’s Outdoors

    1. MLK Day is upcoming which gets people out for a long weekend of recreation: Skiing, hiking, fishing & more have made Jesse Brown’s a Busy Place
    2. Price Reductions from Barbour & Benchmade have made shopping for those brands at Jesse Brown’s a price saving situation
    3. Layers! People learning to get ready for the cold by layering.
    4. Associates are trained to help people outfit for starting out within fly fishing
    5. Hats for protection (see this week’s segment 3)

Morrow Mountain State Park

(From the 01/09/2021) Morrow Mountain State Park is the place that we’re going hiking on the Carolina Outdoors. It’s less than one hour away from Charlotte but covers almost 6,000 acres.  Stanley County is the home of this state park within the ancient Uwharrie Mountains & the prior home of native Americans.  It now features Kerr & Jordan Lake & tons of hikes.  Also, available are tons of special rocks created from volcanic activity.  Hikes feature views of the lakes & diversity from short/easy hikes to longer/more strenuous hikes.

  1. Home to Dr. Francis Kron in 1800’s (1/10 tour at 2 p.m.)
  2. Year of Beetles (1/16 at 2 p.m.)
  3. Geology Hike (1/24 10 a.m.)
    Phone:  982.4402     Address:  49104 Morrow Mountain Rd, Albemarle, NC  28001

The Hat! Trend vs Practicality

(From The 1/09/2021 Program) The Man that Killed the Hat was an article written by Megan Mclachlan. The Man?  John F. Kennedy. The Time? The presidential inauguration in 1960.  However the real reasons are arguably that:

1. Returning veterans from war were sick of wearing hats
2. Just normal decline in trend
3. Streamlining and better enclosure of autos after the 1940s made wearing a hat less of a necessity
4. The youth movement of the 1960s make rebelling against the styles of their parents (& grandparents)
5. People became less formal.

Bill & Wes talk about the hat’s comeback for outdoors people that are seeking protection from wind, cold, precipitation &/or the sun.
Jesse Brown’s has a great selection of fedoras, hats & the associates that will help fit you.