Looking into the Sky with Will Snyder

(From 06.25.22, Segment 3)

Let’s check out the sky with Will Snyder, Manager of the St. Louis Science Center! We all know how fascinating the solar system is, but tune into this episode to find out why this summer is a great time to look up!

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Attention Novice Hikers: It’s Easy

(From 06.25.22, Segment 2)

Looking to pick up a new sport during the warmer months? We have a recommendation for you: HIKING! Trust us, you can do it! There are so many trails with novice terrain and not much gear is needed! Listen to this episode to find out trail and gear recommendations!

Also, there is a clip at the end of this segment for an update on Yellowstone National Park!

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A Beach Report & Father’s Day Story from Mike Haney

(From 06.18.22, Segment 3)

June means it is time for a beach report and Father’s Day story from Mike Haney, CEO of Mike’s Spikes. Listen to this episode in preparation for beach trips followed by an interesting Father’s Day tale!

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Elk Knob State Park with Cat Harrell

(From 06.18.22, Segment 2)

Bill Bartee brings on Cat Harrell, the Creative Director for Jesse Brown’s Outdoors, to chat about Elk Knob State Park. Although the weather is hot, Elk Knob is a place in the mountains of North Carolina where you can get outside and escape the harsh heat. Tune in to this episode to find out more information about Elk Knob State Park and what to bring from Bill Bartee and Cat Harrell!

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New Park Opens in the Charlotte Area!

(From 06.18.22, Segment 1)

Bill Bartee goes solo this week and to start off, we will learn about a new nature park located north of Charlotte called Mountain Creek Park! It is 606 acres of beautiful outdoor space for everyone to enjoy. Listen in to find out more!

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Summer Weather Update from Al Conklin

(From 06.11.22, Segment 3)

Bill and Wes get an official weather update from Al Conklin, WBTV Chief Meteorologist. It is important to be aware of the weather especially when adventuring outside. Tune in for current and future summer weather patterns as well as safety tips!

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Whitewater Rafting in the Southeast

(From 06.11.22, Segment 2)

The Outdoor Guys talk whitewater rafting in this episode! North Carolina and other states in the southeast are prime areas for rafting the whitewater! Two popular places to go in West Virginia are the New River and the Gauley River. Tune in for more tips about whitewater treasures and stop by Jesse Brown’s Outdoors for all of your water day items!

Fishing & Fathers

(From 06.11.22, Segment 1)

Bill and Wes are stoked for Father’s Day, are you?! The day for dads is coming up on Sunday, June 19th and that means coming up with a plan to celebrate! Jesse Brown’s Outdoors is the place to go when it comes to grabbing a gift for dad or setting up a day of fly fishing with your pops!