The Visulite Theatre with Bernie Brown

(From 09.17.21, Segment 3)

The Outdoor Guys bring on Bernie Brown to unpack the history and future of the amazing Visulite Theatre! The Visulite Theatre is a historic venue that offers a blend of culture, community, and art. It has been around since 1938 and is the chosen location for many live events. Jesse Brown’s Outdoors has picked to host the Fly Fishing Film Tour, also known as F3T, at the Visulite and we can’t wait!

Tune in to find out more about this special theatre and the Fly Fishing Film Tour!

F3T tickets and graphic tees are available!

Captain Darryl Smith Catches Up with the Outdoor Guys

(From 09.17.21, Segment 2)

Bill Bartee and Wes Lawson invite Captain Darryl Smith, one of the first guests on the Carolina Outdoor’s, onto the show to talk fishing, specifically catfishing! Captain Darryl has is own guide service and spends plenty of time in the Santee Cooper area. He is known specifically for his large catfish catches and offering a heck of a day on the water!

Grab your rod and let’s learn more about Captain Darryl and fishing for catfish!

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Denny’s Fly Box with PMD Productions Matt Devlin

(From the 09.11.21, Segment 3)

Bill Bartee & Wes Lawson invite guest Matt Devlin of PMD Productions in Missoula, MT, to share about his successful submission in the F3T 2021 Edition, Denny’s Fly Box.

We’ll learn about Devlin’s start, who Denny is & how fly fishing continues to be a healthy sport for people in an unhealthy time for many.

The F3T is heading to Charlotte on September 22nd at the Visulite Theatre.
Live music at 5:30 and the Movies start at 7 p.m. Get your tickets at Jesse Brown’s!

Merlefest with Lindsay Craven of Wilkes Community College

(From 09.11.21, Segment 2)

Lindsay Craven of Merlefest talks with the Outdoor Guys from Jesse Brown’s.  We’ll learn about the start of this world famous “Music Plus” festival in 1988 & it’s progression into 2021.

There are some great tips on where to park, what to bring & what not to bring to the first fall Merlefest. Visit Jesse Brown’s in-store or online for your festival needs, such as coolers, chairs, hats, and more!

Music, Moments & Memories is the slogan and we’re all for that on the Carolina Outdoors.

Opening Day of Dove Season

(From 09.04.2021, Segment 2)

The Carolina Outdoors celebrate the opening day of Dove Season. This day ushers in the upcoming fall season of hunting and the Outdoor Guys are here to tell you all about it! It is time to get geared up and Jesse Brown’s has you covered on chairs, chaps, waxed vests, gloves, and durable pants.


High School Football in Our Area with Langston Wertz

(From 09.04.2021, Segment 3)

Jesse Brown’s & the Outdoor Guys love football. Whether it’s sitting comfortably at a tailgate in a camp chair or cheering hard in the stands, it is a part of our community across the nation.  Langston Wertz, Jr.,from The Charlotte Observer, comes onto the program to let us know what’s happening with football in the Charlotte-area.

So grab your GCI chairs or Crazy Creek and tune in to find out who you will be cheering on next!

As the football season progresses and the temperatures drops, keep Jesse Brown’s in mind for your warm coats, gloves, hats, and more!

The Little League World Series with Lee Clinton

(From 08.28.21, Segment 3)

Who loves baseball? This weekend the Little League World Series is finishing up and can be watched on ESPN or in-person in Williamsport, PA. Ever wonder how the fields look so well-groomed? We have the answers for you! The Outdoor Guys bring on Lee Clinton, Sports Turf Supervisor for the Clover School District, to talk about what he is doing for the Little League World Series. Taking care of the fields is crucial in order to allow the baseball players to put forth their best effort!

Listen to this week’s podcast to learn more about the Little League World Series and the upkeep of the fields! If you are attending the Little League World Series, stop by Jesse Brown’s Outdoors for sunscreen, sunhats, and chairs!

U.S Youth Fly Fishing Team with Tucker Horne

(From 08.28.21, Segment 2)

This week on the Carolina Outdoors, Bill and Wes are talking team sports! They specifically learn more about the U.S Youth Fly Fishing Team from team manager, Tucker Horne. It has been an interesting year for this team as they usually travel for tournaments. As we all know, COVID has made travel an obstacle. Tucker states that the biggest challenge they faced was holding clinics which is how they evolve and grow their team. These clinics are extremely helpful in developing skills with the best instructors from all around.

Tune in to find out more about upcoming clinics, skill growth, and the 2021-2022 team! If you are thinking of attending a clinic, stop by Jesse Brown’s Outdoors to fill in any gaps within your fly fishing gear, whether it be a rod, reel, fly-tying materials, line, leader, or tippet….and lots more!

Back to Reality with the Whitewater Center

(From 08.21.21, Segment 3)

The Outdoor Guys saddle up for the Carolina Outdoors to chat about the U.S National Whitewater Center with Jesse Hyde!

Yes, this is a time to get back to reality, but that does not mean you cannot get outside in your free time at the U.S National Whitewater Center. They are fully loaded with activities like whitewater rafting and kayaking, mountain biking, climbing, trail hiking, paddle boarding, yoga classes, and more. Every summer Thursday through Saturday, the Whitewater Center holds an event in the evening called River Jam. River Jam allows everyone to gather, listen to great music, enjoy a few beers, and play outside! Jesse Brown’s is the perfect place to gear up for your whitewater center visit with ENO and Grand Trunk Hammocks, GCI Rockers, and more!

The Outdoor Guys and Kirsten McDonald Chat about DuPont State Recreational Forest

(From 08.21.21, Segment 2)

Bill Bartee and Wes Lawson delve into the details of DuPont State Recreational Forest with Kirsten McDonald. This beautiful forest is located in Cedar Mountain, NC with 12,500 acres to get active on!

This state forest is managed for many different resources including wood products, wildlife habitats, and hunting (within certain circumstances). This recreational forest has many multi-use trails and waterfalls which create the perfect environment for hiking, trail running, horseback riding, mountain biking, and more!

Tune into find out more and let Jesse Brown’s outfit you for your visit to DuPont! Also, check out the informative book that we carry called DuPont Forest – A History.