All Treats, No Tricks!

(From The 10/24/2020 Show) Whether you will head to the mountains for the leaves and fly fishing, or maybe an attempt to spot the Brown Mountain Lights, we’re glad you joined us on the Carolina Outdoors. With special thanks to Wes Lawson and Dave Bergman for adding their insight and expertise to the show, as well as a round of applause for ‘TJ “the DJ”’ Boggs for making us sound good (and look good too!). The Jesse Brown’s Team sends special wishes to you for a safe and fun Happy Halloween season full of treats and no tricks, and as always, Bill Bartee reminds everyone to “get outdoors, pick up your trash, and we’ll see you here next time on the Carolina Outdoors!”

Reporting On The Leaves & A Fly Fishing Fall

(From The 10/24/2020 Show) A lot of people have been journeying to the mountains for an escape from city life recently, and – quite possibly – to enjoy quality time fishing in a mountain stream. Jesse Brown’s Outdoors’ own Dave Bergman has helped lead the charge this autumn season on getting people out of town, by taking clients on fly fishing wading trips and encouraging them to enjoy this time in nature. We’ll find out about the crowds and how to escape them, where he’s been going, and gain a bit of information on the fall scenery too. The leaves of the Carolina High Country continue to change and that presents just one more reason to make a run to the Carolina mountains this autumn season! Book a fly-fishing wading trip for you and a friend by calling 704.556.0020 or emailing

Unexplainable Spooky Tales, Encounters, & Origins

(From The 10/24/2020 Show) Have you even seen, or heard, of the Brown Mountain Lights? Stories of this Carolina mystery have been around for well over 1200 years, and on this segment, the Outdoor Guys talk about this phenomenon story and the origins of its lore. And though we may not have all the answers, nor do paranormal experts or respected scientists. Jesse Brown’s Outdoors’ own Wes Lawson speaks on some of the other more tame Halloween customs which originated hundreds of years ago under the perceived serious circumstances surrounding events at the time. Tune in for tales on the tricks and treats over the years!

Halloween & Leaf Season = Fall Y’all!

(From The 10/24/2020 Show) Welcome back to the Carolina Outdoors Show where anything and everything Carolina & outdoors related is celebrated! Bill Bartee kicks off our adventures this morning by summarizing what we can look forward to today: the unexplainable Brown Mountain Lights, Halloween Customs, and a Fly Fishing & Leaf Report. Interested? Us too! Stick around to listen in.

Wasn’t That A Fun Show?

(From The 10/17/2020 Show) In closing, Bill thanks our guests, Angel Johnston from the Charlotte Museum Of History, and Libby Skinner, author of Bicycling the Blue Ridge, for joining us this week. For ‘TJ “the DJ” Boggs,’ making us sound good and more importantly, look good, this is Bill Bartee, saying “pick up your trash and we’ll see you next time on the Carolina Outdoors!”

Reading & Riding & Writing

(From The 10/17/2020 Show) Have you ever thought about traveling the entire length of the Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP) – by bike? Well, Libby Skinner, and her husband Charlie, are co-authors of the book, “Bicycling the Blue Ridge,” the definitive guide to cycling the BRP and Skyline Drive. Published 30 years ago and now in its 6th Edition, the book is even more relevant now as people are looking to get outside for quality time. Libby, who has cycled the BRP from end to end several times and covers 10,000 miles per year, will discuss how cycling the Parkway now compares to 30 years ago as traffic patterns, equipment, and age have created new challenges. Plus, we take a moment to get an October leaves report from the High Country, to see if the peak is now!

The Home Of Charlotte’s History

(From The 10/17/2020 Show) Now that 2020 is beginning to wane, do we as a society view history the same as we did before the pandemic? Is it taught differently? Angel Johnston, Education Specialist at The Charlotte Museum Of History, joins in to chat about this and more – including a generous grant from Lowe’s Home Improvement for the Siloam-Rosenwald School restoration project, the Hezekiah-Alexander Rock House, and also the Museum’s new “Afternoons On The Grounds” outdoor tours scheduled for October, November, and December. Buy your tickets in advance (, and bring along friends and family members to enjoy a picnic and leisurely day.

A Great Show Is Ahead!

(From The 10/17/2020 Show) We’re back at it again as resident expert, and Outdoor Guy, Bill Bartee intros this week’s show. As a preview, Angel Johnston from the Charlotte Museum Of History will be coming onto the program to talk local history, and then afterwards we’ll also be hosting Libby Skinner to speak about riding bikes and writing books.

Another Great Show Is In The Can

(From The 10/10/2020 Show) Well, we’ve had quite a ride on today’s show, and in conclusion to this week’s program, Bill thanks Wes Lawson, Tom Pearman, and ‘TJ “the DJ”’ Boggs for making this week’s show happen. As always, remember to get outdoors, pick up your trash, and we’ll see you next time here on the Carolina Outdoors!

Cycling Is Quite A Ride!

(From The 10/10/2020 Show) We’re back and we’re staying local this segment, so let’s go biking! The Carolina’s are full of great places to cycle, and Jesse Brown’s resident expert Tom Pearman shares what the autumn season means for bikers, regarding place to go and what to be prepared for. Whether you’re heading out to explore your neighborhood, to try out a mountain biking trail, or simply to share the roadways with friends, this in-depth look at the sport will help lead you to some of the favorite places that Pearman goes.