Invasive Species, Oh My!

From Kudzu to Char “Trout,” invasive species are go wild. Bill and Wes examine the latest set to put foot (or wing) on American shores: the Murder Hornet. Though there are no sightings yet in the South, this hornet can wreak havoc on honey-bee colonies. Listen in to learn more about these Murder Hornets, how they operate, what the danger is, and more. Thanks for listening in today!

The Lord Of The Flies!

(From The 05/16/2020 Show) ‘Outdoor Guy’ Bill Bartee and Jesse Brown’s Outdoors’ General Manager, Wes Lawson, examine the 1954 novel “Lord Of The Flies” as well as a real story from the 1960’s that has been recently uncovered which follows a similar journey. Listen in for more, and as always, The Carolina Outdoors encourages listeners to get out and adventure, but safely!

What’s Up With Muskie?

(From The 05/16/2020 Show) The Carolina Outdoors welcomes Dave Bergman from Jesse Brown’s Outdoors to talk both muskie fish and fishing: what it is, what makes the fish special, and where we can find them to pursue the fish with fly-rods. Dave shares his passion for the fish with listeners, as well as some tips and tricks regarding the muskie’s habitat including some little known in-depth information surrounding it.

What’s New In Our Carolina Outdoors

(From The 05/16/2020 Show) Activities have changed and we all have had to adjust our lifestyles including how we safely get out and about in our Carolina outdoors. “Outdoor Guy” Bill Bartee previews today’s show and what stories we can expect for our listening pleasure.

What Is The Fly-Fishing Film Tour?

(From The 03/14/2020 Show) The Outdoor Guys sign off today’s show by breaking down the annual F3T with Paul Nicoletti, along with what to expect at this fly-fishing event where films from around the world focusing on the sport are projected onto the silver screen.

The Coastal Edition

(From The 03/14/2020 Show) Who takes care of the coast? The Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) does! Bill and Don bring on NC Area Director, Joe Neely, to chat about resource advocacy, habitat building, estuary fishing, and the many things that the organization does across NC.

The Fresh Air Edition

(From The 03/14/2020 Show) On this segment, Bill and Don discuss current events from around the world, travel regulations from the State Department, staycation and local travel opportunities, and much more, all with Wes Lawson, General Manager at Jesse Brown’s.

Take A Hike!

(From The 03/14/2020 Show) Travel means a whole lot of different things to a whole lot of different people, and so the Outdoor Guys, Bill and Don, discuss the MANY local options to getting some fresh air: whether that is walking a greenway, hiking in the mountains, or fishing at the coast or in a creek. Just get outside!

To The Ocean, Searching For Sharks

(From The 03/07/2020 Show) On today’s show, the Outdoor Guys have been to the mountains to go fishing, the Piedmont to go turkey hunting, and so now of course they head to the coast to explore the life patterns of a shark! Bill and Don discuss a Charlotte Observer article which examines the traveling sharks off of the Carolinas’ coast through a non-profit organization named OCEARCH. They also dabble in some other Carolina current events and interesting stories!

Not Just For Guys, It’s Women On The Fly!

(From The 03/07/2020 Show) Fly Fishing isn’t just for guys anymore! Of course, it never was. And really, the term is “angler” – not fisherman. Bill and Don discuss the rich history of women in the sport of fly-fishing and some statistics and stories that drive their point home. The Outdoor Guys check in with Linda Hickle of Women On The Fly, to discuss the resurgence and importance of that organization as well as her passion for the sport. Linda will be at Jesse Brown’s “Wine, Women, & Waders” event on Thursday, March 26th discussing the sport and preparing for an upcoming Ladies’ Fly-Fishing trip!