Ocean Drive Beach Report w/ Mike Haney

(From the 5.29.2021, Segment 2)

Mike Haney calls into the Carolina Outdoors to share his 2021 insight on the South Carolina beaches.  His go-to beach hang out is the new “Ocean Drive (OD)” in North Myrtle Beach, SC, & it is a busy place this weekend.

Atlantic Beach Bike Week has been cancelled but hundreds of bikers are still heading that way.
You can still enjoy the June 3rd kick-off of “Music on Main” that occurs 7-9 p.m., every Thursday.

Check out Mike Haney’s invention, Mike’s Spike, that helps keep your umbrella secure and safe from the wind & his added table.  Get your Mike’s Spike and Table at Jesse Brown’s.

Learn about the limits on umbrellas at the beach. Music, Sand, Sun & good food are all to-be-counted on this summer at the beach.

Choosing a Summer Camp – Michelle Icard

(From the 5/29/2021 Program, Segment 3)

Speaker, author & educator, Michelle Icard, utilizes her experience & knowledge to share with the Carolina Outdoors team about successfully choosing the right summer camp for your teen & preteen.

Going to summer camp can be stressful for many & there are techniques to relieve anxiety.

-Why going to camp gives children confidence to fail
-Choose carefully & yes, force your child to go
-coed or not coed?
-Learn about Icard’s new book (Fourteen Talks by Age Fourteen) & her summer leadership camps, “Athena’s Path” & “Hero’s Pursuit“.


Boat Safety this Summer

(From the 5.29.2021 Program, Segment 4)

Wes Lawson helps give the breakdown on boat safety in light of the upcoming busy summer.

Five things that you must have:  Personal Floatation Device (PFD), a throwable floatation device are all required to have on your boat, along with a fire extinguishers, visual signal devices & noisemakers.

Not required but useful:  first aid kits, anchors, baling device, oars or paddles, knife, radio/phone, and flashlights.

What are running lights and what colors are they?  Listen in as Wes gives the breakdown.

Enjoy your time in our Carolina Outdoors.

Show Intro from the Outdoor Guys

(From the 5/22 Program, Segment 1)

Wes Lawson and Bill Bartee from Jesse Brown’s Outdoors, the fly shop of Charlotte, come onto the airwaves to talk sandals for summer camp & who are the biggest influencers in the world of fly fishing.

Hanging our hat at the outdoor store of Charlotte, Jesse Brown’s, outfitting for Outward Bound, outfitting for Moondance & advising about travel is the current rage.  We hope you’ll stop by to prepare for hiking, camping & getting outside in the Carolinas & the world.

Sandals for Summer

(From the 5/22/21 Program, Segment 2)

Listen to the Carolina Outdoors via Podcast or early on a Saturday morning via WBT.

The Outdoor Guys from Jesse Brown’s speak to Griffin Gideon, representative from Olukai Footwear, talks about the year ’round wearing of sandals & the temperature that impacts others into wearing them more.

Plus, sandals & flip flops, have a wellness component with more support & comfort, these days.  Also, what sandals are good for land and which are better for being around water.

about the time of year that kicks in wearing flip flops and sandals.  He also speaks on the wearing of flip flops year round, even when it is cooler.

Olukai is one of the hottest brands in casual and sport sandals.  They are pushing some summer camp brands such as Chaco & Teva sandals for demand this summer.

If you’re shopping online, check out Jesse Brown’s Online or the Brick and Mortar in Charlotte.


Mount Rushmore of Fly Fishing- Henry Cowen

(From May 22nd Program, Segment 3)

Henry Cowen’s article in Fly Fisherman Magazine describes “Our Fly Fishing Mount Rushmore” & the faces that would be chiseled into his “Mount Rushmore.”

Cowen describes Lefty Kreh’s influence in the outdoor world bring fly fishing to everyone & acting as the best fly fisherman in the world.  His timing helped make the use of book, video & internet & launched him into the status of greatest.

One of Lefty’s great mentor and influencers was Joe Brooks that was one of the initial “rock stars” of fly fishing.  Brooks’ appearances on Wide World of Sports & American Sportsmen helped make him the father of American fly fishing.

Another face of fly fishing importance, according to Cowen, is Lee Wulff.  Another larger than life fly caster, tyer, television star & educator–within fly fishing–that helped propel the sport.

Lastly, the surviving member of Henry’s–Mount Rushmore–is artist, tyer & warm water advocate, Dave Whitlock.

These are Henry’s top four influencers in fly fishing, but what are yours?  The Outdoor Guys from Jesse Brown’s want to know?


Ocean Flies USA with John Antignano

(From the May 15th, 2021 Program, Segment 2)

When the Carolina Outdoors hits the airwaves of WBT Radio early on a Saturday morning we have listeners up and down the Eastern seaboard:  New York to Florida

John Antignano, fly designer, tyer & fly fisherman, learned in New York but now resides in Florida.

He comes onto the Carolina Outdoors to report on the Florida fishing from Key Biscayne to the Keys.

Plus, to talk about some of his newest patterns of saltwater flies that have arrived at Jesse Brown’s & the balanced importance of “matching the hatch” to the all-important presentation.

Full Service Gas at Killian’s Service Center

From the May 15th, 2021 Program-Segment 3)

People are heading for the mountains, the beach, to the park & more.  However, the 5500 mile Colonial Pipeline, going down has created a rush of people to the gas station.

Donnie Spurrier of Killian’s Service Center joins the Carolina Outdoors to talk about operating something that is rare these days:  A Full Service Gas Station

We’ll learn about the increase in lines, demand & scarcity of petroleum.  Plus, we’ll learn about what it takes to run a full service gas station, greeting, pumping the gas, checking the oil, cleaning the windshield & leaving them with a smile.

This station has been around for almost 70 years & is currently operated by owners, Joey Goforth & Spurrier, for almost 70 years & has become a mainstay in the lifeblood of the Clover, SC.

Gas demand is supposed to ease up as the Colonial Pipeline has come back online.

If you’re in Charlotte & need some outdoor gear for your adventure then stop by Jesse Brown’s but if you’re heading through Clover stop by Killian’s Service Center at 810 Bethel Street.


“Cicadas Hit Snooze” says the Headline

(From the May 15th, 2021, Segment 4)

CNN’s headline says it all.  But why?

For people that love the outdoors and may head out for a camping trip, fly fishing journey or drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway, the sounds of the outdoors includes insects.

However, the 17-year Cicada hatch scheduled for this year (Brood X) has been delayed due to the cooler weather.

So instead of putting on their buggy-little Baggie Shorts they’re relying on their Long Underwear.

All kidding aside, May’s cooler temperatures have kept the ground cooler & that is where the Cicadas emerge.  Don’t worry they’re still coming & the sounds of the trees will be louder than ever across the East Coast but especially in the mountains and hills of our Carolina Outdoors.

Outward Bound & NCOBS

(From the May 8th, 2021 Program, Segment 2)

Many times when you hear a certain name you think of a specific activity.  For many, when you hear Outward Bound you immediately think of hiking, backpacking, climbing & camping.  However this famed experiential educational school has a deeper purpose.

Our guest, Alexys J. Taylor comes onto the program to talk about self-improvement, team dynamics, leadership & social responsibilities that also are worked on within the largest & one of the most successful Outward Bound schools, NCOBS.

Taylor is the Charlotte Program Coordinator for NCOBS & oversees The Charlotte Educators Course, The Dalton Scholarship & The Unity Project.  She has a unique perspective after acting as a member of the Charlotte Advisory Board, Program Committee Chair & a graduate of the Unity Project as a student at Vance High School in 2008.

Jesse Brown’s is an outfitter for Outward Bound, The Unity Project & NCOBS, & is excited to be working on the upcoming adventure trips for 2021.