Coastal Fishing with Captain John Mauser

(From 1.22.22, Segment 3)

Bill Bartee and Wes Lawson meet with Captain John Mauser of Tailing Tide Guide Services to update us on Carolina coastal fishing! Captain John comes from an extensive background of fishing and marine life, so let’s listen in to find out some tips and tricks for coastal fishing during the colder months and beyond.

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The Evolution of Outdoor Recreation with Ellen Kanzinger

(From 1.22.22, Segment 2)

The Outdoor Guys invite Ellen Kanzinger, Travel Editor for the Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine, onto the podcast to talk about how outdoor recreation has evolved over the years. Think about it….people did not always adventure the way we do. Tune in to walk through the history of outdoor recreation within the Blue Ridge Mountains!

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Waxhaw Hunting Report and Knife Craftsmanship with Danks Seel

(From 1.15.22, Segment 3)

Danks Seel, Knife Craftsman, joins Bill and Wes to share about hunting in Waxhaw, N.C and his knife-making endeavors. Hunting in Waxhaw? Sounds odd right? Listen in to find out how you can be hunting in area so close to home! Interested in the beautiful knife craftsmanship, this episode covers that too!

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Tips for Cold Water Bass Fishing with Chris Hart

(From 1.15.22, Segment 2)

The Outdoor Guys, Bill Bartee and Wes Lawson, bring on Chris Hart, Simms Fishing Representative and former Professional Fishing Tournament Participant, to talk about how he is successful in cold water bass fishing. Many people think winter means no fish and that is not the case! Tune in to find out the pro tips for fishing for bass during the cold winter months!

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Skiing and Snowboarding – Beech Mountain Resort

(From 01.08.22, Segment 3)

There are many things to do outside, even during the winter! Skiing and snowboarding are great ways to get outside, get your body moving, and enjoy the mountain views. On this episode, Bill Bartee brings on Talia Freeman, from Beech Mountain Resort, to talk about the snow, terrain, and activities available on the mountain. Listen in to find out more!

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Learn About a Man’s Best Friend: Dogs

(From 01.08.22, Segment 2)

Bill Bartee and Wes Lawson, from Jesse Brown’s Outdoors, chat about dogs and the history of dogs on this episode. Dogs have been around for a while and there are so many different breeds certified by the American Kennel Club.

Doggos do make great companions for humans, especially in the outdoors. Dogs are also in the competition world through dog shows. Tune in to find out more about a man’s best friend!



McAdenville – Christmas Town USA

(From 12.25.21, Segment 3)

The hamlet of McAdenville has become synonymous with Christmas. But how did it start?  This small Gaston County town welcomes over 600,000 vehicles through its streets each December to see the thousands of lights, ornaments & decor.

Our guest, Dick Roberts, was one of four people that put up the first McAdenville display in 1954.  He shares that memory & the momentum that has evolved from the beginning.  He has also published a book covering the history of the area:  “A Walk I Remember.”

The display in McAdenville is up from 5:30–10 p.m. each night and concludes December 26th.

Duck Hunting with Jimmy Dobes

(From 12.25.21, Segment 2)

At Jesse Brown’s, breathable waders have become popular for fly fishing & hunting.  It’s a good thing too because this 2021 has started as a warm one. With temperatures between 10-14 degrees higher than normal, you don’t need the old, heavy insulated waders anymore.

Jimmy Dobes comes onto the program to talk about low water, warm temperatures and advice on duck hunting on the Highlights of the Carolina Outdoors!

Keith Cradle – Camping with Cradle

(From 12.18.21, Segment 3)

Bill and Wes invite on Keith Cradle, Founder of Camping with Cradle, to talk about the outdoor mentoring program that he has established. Spending time outside and connecting with something bigger than you is always good for the soul, but today we are going to find out how Camping with Cradle familiarizes young people with the benefits of and skills used within the great outdoors!

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Top 5 Places to Hike and Camp with Christopher Lawing

(From 12.18.21, Segment 2)

The Outdoor Guys, Bill Bartee and Wes Lawson, bring on Christopher Lawing to chat about an article he wrote for the Charlotte Smarty Pants blog! The article is called “Jesse Brown’s Outdoors: Top 5 Places to Hike and Camp.” We all know there are plenty of places to have outdoor fun across the Carolinas, but this podcast episode dives deep into the details of the TOP 5 places to go. Listen in to find out more!

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