The Megalodon of NC

The show talks with Chris Slog, Marine Biologist & owner of WB Diving, about finding this ancient predator’s teeth.
NC has a wide opportunity to scuba shipwrecks, coral reefs & ledges containing these treasures.
What about going fishing for a 59 foot long fish?  In fact, one of the largest predators to ever live.  We’ll we can’t do it because the last one went extinct about 2 ½ million years ago.  However, the remnants of this animal are being discovered world-wide via its teeth & one of the hot beds to find Megaladon teeth is off the coast of NC.
“Before they were recognized as shark’s teeth, Megalodon teeth were mistakenly identified as rocks that had fallen from the moon, or as the petrified tongues of dragons and giant serpents. In 1666, while studying the teeth of great white sharks, naturalist Nicolaus Steno made the realization that these “tongue stones” were actually shark’s teeth.” -Sharkepedia