Weather, Lightning & A Safe Summer

Weather, Lightning & A Safe Summer with WBTV Meteorologist Al Conklin, are all topics that we can appreciate as Outdoor Guys & Gals.  However, recent “Severe Weather” (learn here what that really means) sometimes means preparation & sometimes means being aware.

From a preparedness standpoint:  Even in summer having a lightweight rain coat is appropriate.  This one stuffs into itself, is small, lightweight & breathable.  Great for travel (see Wimbledon Segment of the Carolina Outdoors)

Quick dry shorts for the lake, beach or for travel allow you to get wet, but then get dry.

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However, sometimes you just need to be aware.  Lightning can come out of the blue (it has impacted Al’s family’s).

Plus, cars get incredibly hot during the summer & we should create something that aids us in always remembering especially to get children & pets out of a parked auto.

Lastly, learn where the nickname “Hurricane” Al Conklin comes.