Women Outward Bound

In this segment of the Carolina Outdoors, Bill and Don dive into the history of the great leadership and team building organization, Outward Bound. The Outdoor Guys speak with Maxine Davis, lauded filmmaker, world traveler, and a participant of the first female Outward Bound class on the history of the group and her involvement in it. Beginning in 1965 with 24 ladies on a wilderness course in Minnesota for 30 days, to 2019 where Outward Bound is a household name, Maxine tells the story of this first class and their (her!) experiences through her 2016 documentary “Women Outward Bound.” During this time, the girls learned how to work as a team, setting the stage for generations to come and impacting the lives of those involved. The film will have its North Carolina premiere at Theater Charlotte on Thursday, November 14th.