We Have Footwear To Boot!

(From The 02/15/2020 Show) Hey, it’s also time for flip-flops! After all, it will be spring break here shortly. But even if you don’t have kids in school or are in school yourself, you still have an excuse to go on an adventure! The Outdoor Guys invite on Wes Lawson, General Manager and outfitting extraordinaire at Jesse Brown’s, to discuss the new footwear options we have coming into the store. What is a 3-point sandal? Listen in to find out what these are, including the new Vibram 5-Finger shoes which are ready to hit the trail! All of these are next to the Chaco sandals which are a must for canoeing or the beach, so wherever you are headed, know that we at Jesse Brown’s can prepare you and your feet for it.