Dove At First Sight!

(From The 09/05/2020 Show) Labor Day means many things for many different people. But one thing that sticks out in the outdoors world, is that Labor Day Weekend means the Opening Day of Dove Season in the Carolina’s. Many people across these states will be getting their shotguns out and heading to the dove field. General Manager of Jesse Brown’s Outdoors, Wes Lawson, discusses the various types of shotguns: 12 gauge, 20 gauge, .410 (wait, a .410 a gauge?). He’ll also discuss the tubes that modify the shot pattern and spray. Regardless, this sport isn’t just a sport; it is a rite of passage for many across the country (especially the South). Normally, as tradition holds, college football pregame shows play in the background, with a tailgate meal, then followed by the hunt. This year we’ll have to miss the games but will still hope to have an enjoyable dove season.