Angler Chat ONE: From The Empire State To The Sunshine State

(From The 09/19/2020 Show) In the first of two ‘Chat With An Angler’ segments on the Carolina Outdoors today, Bill Bartee welcomes John Antignano, of Ocean Flies, USA, onto the show, better know as ‘The Flats Guy.’  Contrary to assumptions, his fishing interests actually began in New York City in the Empire State, far away from any sandy flats of Florida, The Sunshine State. As a child, growing up, John quickly found a love for catching saltwater fish in the Atlantic. At around the same time, he was also introduced to many of the early angling legends of fly fishing such as Eric Leiser and Lee Wulff who were located more inland. This love moved him to Florida, right on the sandy flats, and his pursuit of the state’s the most fantastic gamefish began. John continues his pursuit of the sport today by also tying and creating new patterns of flies, and he has new materials that are constantly being released. His love of the sport continues to evolve and grow Ocean Flies, USA and his passion for the sport shows! Listen in to hear more.