The Stories Behind The Fish

(From The 09/26/2020 Show) Where do the trout, which North Carolina uses to stock the state streams with, come from? Well, there are three different mountain fish hatcheries from which these trout are drawn (Marion, Armstrong, and Bobby Setzer Fish Hatcheries). Former trout farm employee, as well as guide and outfitter at Jesse Brown’s, Dave Bergman, speaks on how the eggs are nurtured to become fry, then fingerlings, then on to the ten inch brook, brown, and rainbow trout. He also discusses the intakes, raceways, and earthen ponds which are used to create a healthy trout population prior to the thousands of fish being distributed across western NC in the fall season. After all, October kicks off delayed harvest season which is when fly fishing abounds. If you’re interested in joining in the sport of a lifetime, contact Jesse Brown’s to book your trip ( or call 704.556.0020).