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(From The 10/17/2020 Show) Have you ever thought about traveling the entire length of the Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP) – by bike? Well, Libby Skinner, and her husband Charlie, are co-authors of the book, “Bicycling the Blue Ridge,” the definitive guide to cycling the BRP and Skyline Drive. Published 30 years ago and now in its 6th Edition, the book is even more relevant now as people are looking to get outside for quality time. Libby, who has cycled the BRP from end to end several times and covers 10,000 miles per year, will discuss how cycling the Parkway now compares to 30 years ago as traffic patterns, equipment, and age have created new challenges. Plus, we take a moment to get an October leaves report from the High Country, to see if the peak is now!