Chickens & Turkeys & Lambs

(From The 11/28/2020 Show) Fly Tying Chickens & the Mother of Thanksgiving are the two topics on this segment. We’ll learn from Wes Lawson, Jesse Brown-GM, about a special chicken with special feathers that come from a specific Spanish region that is used as one of the most demanded & high quality materials for fly tying.  Plus, Bill Bartee, Outdoor Guy from Jesse Brown’s, tells about learning about the “Mother of Thanksgiving” from his second grade daughter.  Sarah J Hale was an editor, author & educator that wrote presidents over three decades until 1863, when Abraham Lincoln responded. Thanksgiving became our third national holiday, after Washington’s Birthday & Independence Day, & many credit Hale (who also authored the famous nursery rhyme, “Mary’s Lamb” or “Mary Had A Little Lamb”).