Mountain Khakis-Not Just Pants, Not Just Men’s

(Air Date–February 13, 2021)
The conversation continues beyond the beginning of  a pant company with Lisa Reinhart, Director of Merchandising, Design & Development, at Mountain Khakis.  During this segment she shares the expansion of the complete company collection.  Shirts, Outerwear & Underwear are all important parts of Mountain Khakis that are soft, comfortable & long lasting.Shirt Jacks are shirts-worn as jackets-& they are more popular than ever due to people not dressing up.

Plus, Women’s Pants, Shirts & Outerwear are better than ever!  Part of the reason:  Women Designers Solely put this line together & the results have been spectacular.

No matter the gender:  Fit Matters
Mountain Khakis is pursuing inclusion, consistency & sustainability in all facets of the line.
We’re learning about the brand & you’re invited to the OUTPOST at Jesse Brown’s to learn more!