Mountain Khakis Creative Director–Adam Webb

(From the Air Date, 2/20/2021):
Adam Webb the Creative Director of Mountain Khakis joins Bill Bartee of the Carolina Outdoors to share this prominent brand’s story.  Born on the rugged frontier of Jackson Hole, Wyoming & groomed on southern charm, the brand hasgrown into a full collection from its first presentation in 2003 in Jesse Brown’s & the outdoor world.
Brand personality grows and morphs by the people attracted to it. Now that personality is on-hand in #TheOutpost by Mountain Khakis at Jesse Brown’s.

The Mountain Khakis personality has evolved from just a pant brand to a brand that speaks to the aspirational make-up of its clients.  Namely people that have an affinity of adventure & appreciate the aspirational appeal of the mountain lifestyle.

Webb speaks to the foundational values of Mountain Khakis:  Premium, Durable, Bold & Timeles

He also details the company’s commitment to the local community (Jesse Brown’s-The Outpost, Recover Brands, Unknown Brewery) & nationally with Yellowstone Wildlife Santuary & the adoption of Speedy the Bison.