Hardly Easy – Chat with Kimberly Jochl

(from 02.27.2021 program –  3rd segment):
If there is a woman that is considered a “Renaissance Women” it is Kimberly Jochl.  She grew up in Massachusetts with her twin sister, became a pilot, was on the U.S. Ski Team & helps manage North Carolina’s largest ski resort, Sugar Mountain. She’s also a Storyteller Night alumnus from Jesse Brown’s.
Wes Lawson & Bill Bartee speak to her on the Carolina Outdoors because 2021 brings us her third published book, Hardly Easy.  This fictional account of a NC teenager named Charlie.  Relationships between Charlie and her parents, sister, supervisor & friends.  Overcoming fears along the way, while pursuing her true passion, flying.
Listen in to Wes Lawson and Bill Bartee talking Hardly Easy.