Roam Free (Mountain Khakis new release with Unknown Brewery)

From the April 3rd Program, Carolina Outdoors, Segment 1):

The Outpost with Mountain Khakis at Jesse Brown’s has the first event in over a year.  It is a union of several Charlotte-based brands:  Mountain Khakis, The Unknown Brewery, Jesse Brown’s & Spiider Griip will all be on hand along with Live Music from Stefan Kallendar.  So what’s the reason?
Roam Free Beer comes out just as people are beginning to roam free again.

There is no dress code for this event but we encourage you to check out the best clothes for spring that are on hand in The Outpost.  Pants, Shorts & Shirts that you’ll love for the golf course, hiking trail, local pub, like the Passport EC shirt, the Trail Short & the Teton Relaxed or Modern Pant will all be on hand during the beer tasting.

You can do all of this while enjoying the sweet guitar sounds of live music while recording it on your mobile phone secured by your Spiider Griip.