Golf in the Carolinas

(From the April 10th Carolina Outdoors, Segment 3)

The Masters at Augusta National has kicked off as the first major golf tournament of 2021 & spring has helped kick off amateur golfers throughout the Carolinas.  Rob Gallagher of Club Champion Golf in the Sharon Corners shopping center joins the Carolina Outdoors to talk about the health of golf in the Carolinas & the number of courses and players that are participating in “a nice hike, spoiled.”

Club Champion fits, builds & sells clubs to clients on a customized basis to help improve each individual’s game.

Jesse Brown’s has shorts for watching golf, pants for walking the fairways & shirts that are perfect for playing golf, chairs for sitting at a golf tournament (call us-704-556-0020, we have a ton) & hiking boots if your errant shot sends you deep on a wildlife walk, looking for your golf ball.