The Season of the Rocky Shoals Spider Lily

(From 06.05.21, Segment 3)

Bill Bartee and Wes Lawson expand upon the Midland Carolinas through the connection of the Carolina Thread Trail and Rocky Shoals Spider Lily at Landsford Canal State Park. The Outdoor Guys also welcome in Al James, Park Superintendent, to provide more of his expertise on this connection.

Landsford Canal State Park is located about an hour south of Charlotte, NC along the Catawba River with about 400+ acres. The months, May and June, bring in the most visitors as Landsford Canal State Park becomes home for the largest number of Rocky Shoals Spider Lilies in the world.

Tune in to find out more about..

  • The Carolina Thread Trail
  • Details about Landsford Canal State Park
  • The effects of the pandemic and weather patterns on the Rocky Shoals Spider Lily population
  • How this year’s bloom of the Rocky Shoals Spider Lily is going

If you’re planning to go check out Landsford Canal State Park stop by Jesse Brown’s or visit to gear up for your adventure!