Camping Around & Muddin’

(From 08.13.22, Segment 2)

Continuing on from the wonderful segment containing Wes’ advice on how to best pack for camping trips, let’s explore some other tips and tricks for camping in general. North Carolina has a variety of camp sites and accommodations, and each come with their own set of differences, ready to make your experience amazing! Listen in for advice on how to properly camp locally in order to get the most from your adventure.

There’s also a fun event happening in the foothills, up in Morganton: the Ohana “Family Mud Run” or “Mudder” as it is colloquially called. At 1 mile in length, containing 16 obstacles, a family or team will conquer rope crawls, big mud hills, gigantic sprinklers, inflatables, and so much more. There is also a river tubing portion of the ‘run’ so you’ll be able to at least temporarily wash off the mud! Listen in as we send one of Jesse Brown’s Outdoors’ own to compete in this race of a lifetime.