Here’s The Fast Track On The Winter Short Track Series

(Segment 3, From 1.14.2023 Show)

Did you know that Mountain Biking in the winter time is a GREAT sport here in the Carolinas? Gearing up with a helmet and gloves, and racing a track for fun and exciting times, has been happening in the greater-Charlotte-area each January and February for 20 years (!!) this year.

More specifically known as the KASK Winter Track Series (formerly known as the Mountain Bike Short Track Winter Series), the Carolina Outdoors’ next guest, Neal Boyd, has been an integral part of the series for all of those 20 years. Plus, he’s been a long time cyclist contributor for the Carolina Outdoors’ show.

Listen in as Neal talks about the event being held for the 2nd time in Rock Hill, SC, on the Rock Hill Criterium course. The event is for everyone from beginners to experts, and features loads of fun and entertainment for spectators. For more information, visit: