Outdoor Crimes Near & Far

Segment 3 January 20, 2023

Outdoor crimes are happening and the Outdoor Guys from Jesse Brown’s are reporting the case.  First, a special forces trained adventurer & associates climbed the Merdeka 118, the world’s second tallest building in Kuala Lumpu, Malaysia, in May 2022.  The negative? Isaac Wright & team didn’t have permission.  Therefore they were arrested & charged for the daring undertaking.  Merdeka 118 is still under construction & set to be completed at 2,228 feet later this year.


That crime was topped (just because it was in the Carolinas) by a Watauga County man, Ronnie Hicks.  Hicks stole a John Deere tractor & drove recklessly throughout the community with police chasing at speeds up to….twenty miles per hour.


Of course, this area is great for hiking in the Carolinas, fly fishing in the Carolinas, & overall exploring the outdoors in a beautiful place.  However, we recommend it not be done on a stolen John Deere.