The Fishing Guide From Tailing Tide

(Segment 3, From 02.11.2023 Show)

“Captain John Mauser is a fly fishing and light tackle guide out of Swansboro, North Carolina. He has been fishing the waters of North Carolina for thirty-five years. John spent his youth on the Chowan River in the North East part of the state hunting for bluegill and bass.”

The above quote comes from John’s website, Tailing Tide Guide Service, where he offers an array of guide services throughout the year. But on today’s episode of the Carolina Outdoors, the Outdoor Guys host Captain John to discuss the amazing fishing opportunities which he brings to his clients, as well as to chat about some of his other entrepreneurial ventures including custom building technical fishing rods (Mauser Fishing) and even being behind the camera (John Mauser Photography).

Enjoy the conversation and if you want to head to the coast, book a trip with our new friend. If you are headed to the mountains, make sure to book a fly-fishing trip with us here at Jesse Brown’s Outdoors!