Father’s Day with Ray Matthews

Segment 3, June 3rd, 2023

Ray Matthews joins the program to talk about Father’s Day.  He’s written several articles & journals about being a sportsman.  He’s covered from wing shooting, trout fishing, & helping introducing the outdoors to his children.

This interview takes place while Ray is in south Florida, visiting his son Ryan. He’ll take the opportunity to do some fly fishing for peacock bass.  He’s already fished all over the Carolinas & U.S. with a fly rod.

This conversation ends up being about Matthews committing to get his sons outside:  dove hunting, fishing, & camping
He’d take them on trips individually so he could have time to bond with them.  This made their time together more special.

Outfitting for the trips started at Jesse Brown’s.  A visit with the bear & checking out the magazines.  Many of Matthews articles have ended up in some of those magazines like Sporting Classics. He has an article in the March/April 2023 issue.

The gift of time is the main thing that the outdoors offers.  Time & memories given in the past are coming back full fold to Ray.  His statement, “the teacher becomes the student” is fitting because his sons are helping introduce him to new outdoor sports for him to enjoy in his “old age.”

Another article unpublished “Father’s Day on the Caney Fork” by Matthews recollected the end of a great father/son trip, “..but mostly we talked about how blessed we were to be alive and able to experience a day like this together.  I told him how proud I was of him and his brother on this Father’s Day.  I didn’t ask, but I was hoping he was proud of his Father too.  I reminded him that life has a finish line.  And finally, to fear not death, but rather never living your life.”

Happy Father’s Day!  Remember to get outside with your children or dad or granddad, even if for just a bit.

Host Bill Bartee wore his sun protective shirts  rashguards & a pair of Keen Sandals while carrying his gear in a Filson Medium Duffle during the interview with Ray Matthews.