Inspire Campfire Celebrates 100 with Scott Wurtzbacher

Carolina Outdoors Podcast: Scott Wurtzbacher, Inspire Campfire Podcast

Segment 2, September 30th, 2023

Host of the Carolina Outdoors, Bill Bartee, was able to catch up briefly with Scott Wurtzbacher this past week during Story Teller’s Night at Jesse Brown’s.  His story, named after the podcast hosted by him, Inspire Campfire, was told last year.  The podcast has continued with success.  In fact, he just completed 100 episodes.

Bartee finds out what this husband, dad, son, neighbor, friend, adventurer, eternal student, spiritual seeker, small business owner, & more has learned about the adventure guests that he’s interviewed.

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Show Highlights:

  • His Inspiration for the Podcast
  • Importance to find & listen to your own voice
  • Similarities of guests that have been on the program
  • How the Outdoors “levels the playing field”
  • The feeling of being in nature
  • The definition of a Mastermind group & why they’re important
  • Using the outdoors for better mental health

As the intro says, these are campfire stories meant to inspire the rest of us to light the fire within, get outside and return to tell our own stories.  Ready?  Let’s strike the match!

This segment was powered by the mountain pant by Mountain Khakis at Jesse Brown’s.