Thru-Hiking The Appalachian Trail With Matt Long

Segment 2 – February 17th, 2024

On this episode of the Carolina Outdoors, host Bill Bartee sits down with Charlotte, NC local Matt Long to discuss long-distance hiking the legendary (and historic) Appalachian Trail, which is the longest hiking-only footpath in the world.

Ranging across 14 states, from Maine to Georgia, and colloquially known as the “AT”, this time of year is when many people begin their journey on the trail. Why? Because many are going to be undertaking a ‘thru hike’, which is what a hike of the trail in its entirety, at one time, from start to finish, is called. This undertaking has been made famous in books and movies, and is responsible for creating a hiking community of its own.

After graduating college in 2005, Matt hiked the trail, successfully traversing its 2200 miles, and even conquering a few more trails at the time. Bill and Matt talk preparedness, planning ahead, what will be memorable, who you meet, what kind of gear to take, “trail magic”, logistics, and more!