Blane Chocklett talks Predator Fly Fishing

Segment 3, April 13th, 2024

One of the innovations within fly fishing has been the improvement of design & innovation regarding the flies, lines, & equipment.

Blane Chocklett has been called the “fisherman’s fly designer.” by Bob Popovics, author of Pop Fleyes and Fleye Design. He spoke with Bill Bartee, host of the Carolina Outdoors to talk about his start in the industry, influences, & the evolution of Predator fishing with a fly rod.Show Highlights:

  • Chocklett started as a fishing guide in Blue Ridge, VA as a youth
  • In 2020, fly fishing enjoyed a single-year growth rate of more than 11 percent according to a recent Angling Trade survey
  • His Dad & Granddad purchased his first equipment & fly tying equipment
  • He was influenced by Flip Pallot & Larry Dahlberg whose television programs helped introduced new species to him.
  • Learning by mistakes & not catching fish helped motivate improvements
  • Chocklett’s affect on Temple Fork Outfitter rods & Scientific Angler fly lines
  • His latest book Game Changer: Tying Flies that Look & Swim Like the Real Thing will be on-hand for purchase during his May 4th visit to Charlotte at Charlotte’s fly shop, Jesse Brown’s

Things You’ll Learn by Listening:
Blane travels for fishing, fly industry shows, & occasional speaking/teaching engagements.  He’s coming to Charlotte, NC for a rare visit into the Carolinas on May 4th.

His itinerary for May 4th:
Blane Chocklett Comes to Jesse Brown’s
Schedule of Events

  • 9-11 a.m. Limit 12 Tyers, $100 teaches the Jerk Changer
    11 a.m.-Noon, Enjoy Lunch & Drinks from the balcony of Jesse Brown’s.
  • Noon-2 p.m. Predator & Prey Rod Talk & Cast
    Blane talks about predator, prey, & presentation & shares his favorite outfits for each species. Gift with Rod Purchase
  • 2-4 p.m. Limit 12 Tyers, $100-Chocklett teaches the popular GC Hellgrammite & how to target apex predators with it. Materials included.  Students need to bring a vise and tying tools.
  • 4 p.m. Chocklett Book Signing- Meet Blane and have him personalize a copy of Game Changer: Tying Flies that Look & Swim Like the Real Thing

 More Information & Tickets Available 

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