The Articulate Fly with Marvin Cash

Segment 3, April 20th, 2024

Marvin Cash grew up fishing with his grand dad Lynchburg, VA. The location east of the Blue Ridge mountains, alongside the James River, was a fantastic place to begin an introduction to the outdoors.  From there he went to Duke University & UVA Law & was introduced properly to the sport by former Carolina Outdoors-host, Don Yager.  The sport help maintains Cash’s sanity but it wasn’t until a automobile crash occurred that he invested in doing the things in life that he wanted to do.Cash sat down with the current host of the Carolina Outdoors, Bill Bartee, & spoke about his entry into podcasting with The Articulate Fly, his view of the importance of fly shops in the industry, & his relationship with Blane Chocklett, the famed fly tyer, author, & designer, that’s coming to Charlotte on Saturday, May 4th, 2024, to teach private fly tying courses.

Show Highlights:

  • Education & “Digging Deeper” has been one of the missions of The Articulate Fly to improve the quality of an enthusiasts
  • Consulting angling professionals to lengthen their career & allow them business successes.
  • Fly Shops are irreplaceable because of the relationships that they develop in the community.
  • The Articulate Fly is a digital gardener in fly fishing while the fly shops are the retail gardeners of fly fishing.
  • One of his friends is Blane Chocklett.  This famed fly tier & designer was a recent guest & is appearing on May 4th in Charlotte.
  • Chocklett is teaching private lessons at Jesse Brown’s, along with signing his books.
  • Jesse Brown’s & Blane Chocklett are both working with the rod company, TFO.
  • The Chocklett Factory is were Blane’s flies are produced

Things You’ll Learn by Listening:

The Articulate Fly is celebrating the release of its 800th episode.

The Carolina Outdoors is powered by the Charlotte fly shop, Jesse Brown’s.