Landsford Canal State Park in the Springtime

Segment 2, May 12th, 2024

The Carolina Outdoors introduces the people that are moving into the Carolinas into some of the special things that we have here plus remind locals of the special things that we have here.

Host Bill Bartee speaks with Park Ranger Zach Gross about one of those special places that is located one hour south of downtown Charlotte.  It is a 448-acre gem called Landsford Canal State Park.

Show Highlights:

  • Landsford Canal State Park has two natural features:  The Rocky Shoals Spider Lily bloom & a ford in the Catawba River
  • May & June features the world’s largest bloom of this flower
  • You can fish, picnic, hike, see resident bald eagles that nest in the park
  • Landsford Canal State Park has a portion of the Carolina Thread Trail within it
  • People travel from all over the world to view the bloom of the Rocky Shoals Spider Lily
  • Lily Fest takes place on May 12th, 2024 from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Things You’ll Learn by Listening:
Two places that you can rent a canoe or kayak & tour the Rocky Shoals Spider Lilies are Great Falls Adventures & North Carolina Outdoors Adventures.

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