Tribal Adventures with Helen Verkamp

Segment 3, May 18th, 2024

Helen Verkamp was introduced to travel at a young age while growing up in New England.  She recently spoke with Carolina Outdoor host, Bill Bartee, about her life of travel.  She’s been to 53 countries & the number is growing.
However, when Verkamp travels, she usually doesn’t stay in a resort, lodge, or cruise ship.  She immerses herself into the food, the culture, & the people of different places in the world.

Recent footage of tribes like the Awa in the Amazon or The Asmat people live on the southwestern coast of western Papua are still reported as untouched tribes in the world.  Helen, in your opinion, how untouched are some of these tribes.

Show Highlights:

  • Verkamp was inspired at a young age by the book, New Golden Vow by James George Frazer
  • Southern Ethiopia alone is home to twelve, distinct tribes
  • The Mursi tribe utilizes lip plates that expand the lower lip
  • The Hamar tribe is simple & natural
  • The Toarags are a nomadic tribe from the Sahara desert
  • Dances & ceremonies are a part of the Woodaabe tribe.  They pack up every few days & move
  • Cultural differences in Papau New Guinea with tribes discovered in the twentieth century
  • Her thoughts on missionaries going to different tribes in the world
  • Many groups are attempting to protect tribes from being taken advantage of “untouched” tribes

Things You’ll Learn by Listening:

Storyteller’s Night at Jesse Brown’s is upcoming on Thursday, May 30th, 2024, at 6 p.m. at the sponsor of the Carolina Outdoors, the local Charlotte outfitter, Jesse Brown’s.

If you plan on travelling remember to take comfortable footwear & wear sun protective clothing.