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Its Fall & We’re talking Trout Waters & Leaf Change

Segment 1, October 14th, 2023

Up ahead:

Jake Rash, Cold Water Research Coordinator with the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission


Dr. Beverly Collins, Fall Foliage Forecaster from Western Carolina University

with host, Bill Bartee, from Charlotte’s outdoor store, Jesse Brown’s.


Delayed Harvest Trout Waters in North Carolina with Jake Rash

Segment 2, October 14th, 2023

Early October brings trout stockings to the waters of North Carolina.  It also delays the harvest of trout in thirty-four different lakes and streams in western North Carolina.

Jake Rash is the Coldwater Research Coordinator for the NC Wildlife Resources Commission.  He joins the Carolina Outdoors to talk about these waters & his job of coordinating the resource management of our trout fisheries.

Rash reports:
-The Delayed Harvest program began with four streams in the early 1990s and has become wildly popular
-You cannot keep the fish caught in October through the first Saturday in June.  During the summer you can keep your limit.
-The stocking schedule for these streams. Stocking Schedule for Delayed Harvest in North Carolina
-More people fishing can provided stress to certain resources.  The DH waters help spread out the trout anglers
-The designation is shown by black and white triangles posted.
-An Inland License is required by the state of NC.

Per the NCWRC, while fishing, anglers are urged to help prevent the spread of aquatic nuisance species like gill lice, whirling disease and didymo, by following these minimal steps:

  • Clean equipment of all aquatic plants, animals and mud.
  • Dry equipment thoroughly.
  • Never move fish, plants or other organisms from one body of water to another.


Fall Foliage Forecast from Western Carolina with Dr. Beverly Collins

Segment 3, October 14th, 2023

Introducing people to the outdoors each week expands during the fall with an explosion of color that starts in the Carolina high country and works its way down.  Dr. Beverly Collins, the Fall Foliage Forecaster, from Western Carolina University joins the Carolina Outdoors to let us about the when, where, & what the peak of the leaf change.

Dr. Collins reports:
-2023 is starting “fantastic”
-The “historically normal” cooler weather that we had during the Columbus Day weekend helped kick off this season with spectacular colors.  Temperatures lowering into the 30’s helped make the colors pop
-Maples, Elms, Oaks, & more are deciduous trees effected by the shorter days & cooler weather
-Green Chlorophyl reflects the green light that we see.  However, in fall we get to see the other pigments reflecting yellow, orange, & red with the decline of chlorophyl
-Oaks lag a touch later than others but helps to lengthen the season’s beauty
-Botanists & Biologists continue to study our forests & although there are challenges with acid rain, insects, & fungi our canopy in western Carolina is a growing forest
-Personally she likes viewing the leaf change anywhere but the Blue Ridge Parkway is particularly a great place to view

We hope that the listeners are able to enjoy nature’s display of leaf change this season.


Event Announcement from Charlotte Outdoor Store

Segment 4, October 13th, 2023

Announcements from the outdoor store in Charlotte:  Jesse Brown’s will have a men’s pants event in Charlotte with Mountain Khakis.  The Mountain Pant, Camber Pant, & Mitchell Pant & more will be on hand with some cold drinks within the iconic brick-&-mortar fly shop.  The event will include an informational session for people interested in climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.  Macon Dunnagan, a fifty-time summitter, will be sharing his successes & knowledge on travelling to Tanzania for climbs & safari.

Thanks to our guests:  Jake Rash, Cold Water Research Coordinator, from North Carolina Resource Commission & the Fall Foliage Forcaster from Western Carolina University, Dr. Beverly Collins

From TJ the DJ & Bill Bartee: Make the Carolina Outdoors better than you found it & Pick Up Your Trash.

Weekly Introduction

Segment 1, October 7th, 2023

Climb Mount Jesse Brown’s where the outdoors is always in fashion.  Bill Bartee, host of the Carolina Outdoors, kicks off this week’s show with an invitation to visit the local, outdoor store of Charlotte.

Plus, listen to the segments with David Gaskins of Seven J Outfitters & Elijah Saint Blancard, head fly fishing guide and lead instructor, from Jesse Brown’s.

Book a Fly Fishing Trip in North Carolina to get started.

Elk Hunting the American West with David Gaskins

Segment 2, October 7th, 2023

Elk Season opened up several weeks ago across several western states.  David Gaskins with Seven J Outfitters has been a part of the opening day bow season for several years.

He joins the Carolina Outdoors to talk about preparation, getting in-shape, setting up, & the landscape of hunting the Sundance, WY, area.  He gives a breakdown of hunting with young persons & his thoughts on guiding someone on their last hunt.

We’ll also learn how he gained his Instagram handle: @FirstDayDave

He also shares thoughts on the Carolina deer season that is going on pre-rut & his prediction on the rest of the season in 2023.

Fly Fishing the Delayed Harvest Waters of NC with Elijah Saint Blancard

Segment 3, October 7th, 2023

Let’s go fly fishing!  Since the 1970s, Fly Fishing has been an important part of the business at Jesse Brown’s.  A new contributor to the Carolina Outdoors, Elijah Saint Blancard, is the head fly fishing guide & lead instructor at Charlotte’s local outdoor store, Jesse Brown’s.  His start was at age twelve in Pennsylvania.  His teacher was the famed Joe Humphreys at Penn State University.

During this conversation, we’ll learn about Elijah’s background & fishing the streams of Central Pennsylvania.  He speaks on his time being trained as a fly fishing guide at World Cast Anglers in Victor, ID, & the fly fishing trips in North Carolina.

His passion is teaching the sport of fly fishing & whether it’s a 9 foot 5 weight Sage fly rod or a 7 foot 2 weight Winston fly rod he can help you learn the sport properly.




New at Jesse Brown’s

Segment 4, October 7th, 2023

The local Charlotte dealer of L.L. Bean is Jesse Brown’s.  The newest arrival of L.L. Bean includes the iconic Duck Boot at Jesse Brown’s. The Bean Duck Boot has been a part of the outdoor uniform for over 100-years. It is made in Maine & began with “L.L.” himself (not Cool J) in 1912.

Thanks to our guests:  David Gaskins of Seven J Outfitters, Elijah Saint Blancard, fly fishing guide in Charlotte at Jesse Brown’s, & TJ “the DJ” Boggs

Guinness Takes Away Two Mountain Climbing Records

Carolina Outdoors Podcast: Records Stripped from Climbing Icon

Segment 1, September 30th, 2023

The native Italian, Reinhold Messner, who was the first to climb the fourteen highest mountains in the world, was stripped of his record by the Guinness World Record.  The records were taken away after cartographer, Eberhard Jurgalski, discovered from his office desk, that Messner never reached the “true summit” of Annapurna.

According to Jurgalski, Messner missed it by fifteen feet.  He then was able to convinced the Guinness Book of World Records to strip Messner of two titles: the first person to climb all 14 peaks over 8,000 m and the first to do so without oxygen. The record now belongs to Ed Viesturs, who finished his fourteenth in 2005.I am a happy man!”

This segment was powered by the sonic fly rod at Jesse Brown’s because nothing says mountaineering like a Sage Fly Rod

Inspire Campfire Celebrates 100 with Scott Wurtzbacher

Carolina Outdoors Podcast: Scott Wurtzbacher, Inspire Campfire Podcast

Segment 2, September 30th, 2023

Host of the Carolina Outdoors, Bill Bartee, was able to catch up briefly with Scott Wurtzbacher this past week during Story Teller’s Night at Jesse Brown’s.  His story, named after the podcast hosted by him, Inspire Campfire, was told last year.  The podcast has continued with success.  In fact, he just completed 100 episodes.

Bartee finds out what this husband, dad, son, neighbor, friend, adventurer, eternal student, spiritual seeker, small business owner, & more has learned about the adventure guests that he’s interviewed.

Listen Here

Show Highlights:

  • His Inspiration for the Podcast
  • Importance to find & listen to your own voice
  • Similarities of guests that have been on the program
  • How the Outdoors “levels the playing field”
  • The feeling of being in nature
  • The definition of a Mastermind group & why they’re important
  • Using the outdoors for better mental health

As the intro says, these are campfire stories meant to inspire the rest of us to light the fire within, get outside and return to tell our own stories.  Ready?  Let’s strike the match!

This segment was powered by the mountain pant by Mountain Khakis at Jesse Brown’s.