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Tent For Seven with Marty Ohlhaut & Grace Ly

Segment 3 September 9th, 2023

How many of us remember that trip back before we were married, had a job, had a mortgage, had children?  A part of life is going through these different periods & celebrating them with a part of us yearning to recreate & share them with others.

Marty Ohlhaut worked for IBM for over thirty years & then as an independent educator, travelling around the world (44 countries, 50 states).  In 1972 he and friends took on a big trip.  He was single with buddies but had the self-described, “best time of my life.”

Fast forward a dozen years, a job, a wife, and five children later-in 1994 & Marty decides begins to plan a multi-week, epic western Rockies trip for seven.  He took notes & twenty-five years later his daughter, Grace Ly found them & began to piece Continue reading Tent For Seven with Marty Ohlhaut & Grace Ly

Come Hear Your Neighbors’ Adventure

Segment 4, September 9th, 2023

Inspired by customers, clients, and friends dropping into Jesse Brown’s to tell tales of their adventures was Storyteller’s Night at Jesse Brown’s.  Over ten years ago, the original Charlotte outdoor store, Jesse Brown’s, opened up their stage & the community joined.  Three at a time, the storytellers each take twenty minutes to share their adventure, life experience, & life-changing story.

The ever-popular event continues on September 21st at 6 p.m. at Jesse Brown’s.  So come hear your neighbor’s adventure….

Special thanks to our guests on this week’s Carolina Outdoors program.  Marty Ohlhaut, Grace Ly, & Tom Blocker, who represent two of the first stories of the evening on September 21, 2023.

College Football Kickoff 2023 with Ed Billick

Segment 1, September 2nd, 2023

One of the rights of passage in saying goodbye to summer and hello to fall is Labor Day weekend & College Football.  However a lot is changing in football but a lot stays the same.

Ed Billick, host of Carolina Focus & a member of the WBT Sports Team joins us to have a look at the opening day of College football.  Billick hails from one of the nation’s biggest sports communities, Pittsburgh, although he’s been in the Carolinas for decades.

Carolina Outdoor host, Bill Bartee, speaks to Billick about his view of the sports scene during this time of expansion*.

The biggest conference that are making the most money are the BIG10 which is predominantly made up of Midwestern schools & the SEC which is made up of primarily southern teams (the closest to us is Columbia’s S. Carolina).  The ACC organization recently moved to Charlotte & much is made about its continued expansion.
*(following the interview the ACC announced that it was adding Stanford, Cal, & SMU)

Besides the competitiveness of a game much is celebrated about the festivities of a football game.  The environment of the schools, the cheerleaders, the band & the music, the alum, the tailgating, the food, night time versus day time are all apart of the discussion.  Tommy Fradenburg, producer of the Carolina Outdoors this week, joins the chat.

The College Football Playoff National Championship will be Monday, January 8, 2024, at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas.

Bartee told Billick that he’ll be watching the games from the Charlotte outdoor store, Jesse Brown’s, during the Labor Day Sidewalk Sale.

Opening Day of Dove Season with James Buice

Segment 2, September 2nd, 2023

One of the rights of passage in saying goodbye to summer and hello to fall is Labor Day weekend.  That Saturday each year is a part of the southern tradition of opening day of dove season.  Many across the Carolinas & other states are gearing up for a noon time open in the dove field of their choice.

From the mothership & Filson dealer of Charlotte, Jesse Brown’s, Carolina Outdoor host Bill Bartee welcomes hunting & flyfishing contributor, James Buice, to share his memories of Opening Day of Dove season.
Some things Buice mentions:

  •  Make sure that you’re not hunting over a baited field
  • Have your HIP permit with your hunting license
  • Keep your gun muzzle in a safe direction
  • Wear lightweight clothing to be comfortable
  • Keep your harvested birds in a shady spot to keep them cool

These migratory birds have a daily bag limit of 15 in both Carolinas & check the dates from Opening Day & beyond in South Carolina & North Carolina.

This segment was brought to you by the classic Sundowner Boot GTX available at local YETI dealer, Jesse Brown’s.


Boy Scouts of America continues to expand with MCC-CEO, Mark Turner

September 2nd, 2023, Segment 3

Over 115 years ago an organization began in the UK.  Twenty boys between the ages of 11 to 18 participated in this experimental camp.  Organizer Robert Baden-Powell then published “Scouting for Boys” which has since sold over 100 million copies. Then in 1910, the organization Boy Scouts of America was formed.

Fast forward to 2023 and Scouting now has programs for young people aged 6 to 20 & continues to educate & build adventurers, skilled outdoorspeople, & most importantly citizens & leaders into our future.

Mark Turner, CEO of the Mecklenburg County Council, has been a professional part of the Boy Scouts of America for over thirty years & was the recipient of NC’s highest award, Long Leaf Pine in 2018.  He joins the program & shares the benefits of Scouting.

Turner mentions that what Scouting does for our community & families.  Character, value, morals, leadership training and friendships that last a lifetime built through an outdoor program are part of what propels the Scouting organization.  “Families are hungry for Continue reading Boy Scouts of America continues to expand with MCC-CEO, Mark Turner

Invitation to Visit Jesse Brown’s

Segment 4, September 2nd, 2023

You’re invited to Storyteller’s Night at Jesse Brown’s on Thursday,  September 21st, 2023, to hear a neighbor’s adventure.

Also, thanks to Ed Billick, James Buice, Mark Turner, & Tommy Fradenburg for joining us all on this week’s edition.

For questions, comments, & reviews give host Bill Bartee an email:, at the home base, Charlotte’s outfitter store, Jesse Brown’s

Big Catch of $2,000 Caught in Minnesota

August 26th, 2023 Segment 1

The Carolina Outdoors is intended to help you learn, escape, & be inspired to join into our Carolina Outdoors (& Beyond).

This week:  Lee Clinton, Grounds Crew at the Little League World Series & Joe Marusak, The Charlotte Observer’s Breaking news journalist talks Lake Cornelius.

In the News:  A Minnesota fourteen year old fishing for Walleye in Lake of the Woods caught a $2,000 wallet.  The wallet was returned to its owner, Jim Denney, after drying the money.  Denney lost the wallet fishing the same lake one year ago.  Halsa only accepted a cooler and a dinner from Denney, as reward.

Little League World Series with Lee Clinton

August 26, 2023 Segment 2

North Carolina has a state law that declares that public schools don’t start class until after August 25th.  There are several school districts that are rebelling against the state law & starting a bit earlier.  This has lengthened the time that we speak on the Back-to-School time period including speaking with Langston Wertz, Jr., about high school football.

It’s a time to celebrate one of the heritage sports of America, Baseball.  The Little League World series takes place in Williamsport, PA each August and our friend & local man, Lee Clinton, always takes his place as part of the grounds crew for this annual event. An event that has been going on for the past 76 years.

The 2023 Little League World Series is taking place August 16 to August 27 with ten teams from the United States and ten teams from other countries competing.

Clinton’s regular job when back home in Clover, SC, is working for Clover School District #2.  However he heads to Williamsport to take care of the multiple practice fields & the Historic Bowman Field located at the Muncy Bank Ballpark.

During his time there in the past week, two Major League teams showed up.  The Washington Nationals and the Philadelphia Phillies played on August 20th within Muncy Bank Ballpark at Historic Bowman Field for the MLB Little League Classic game.  The Nationals won 4-3.

Clinton stated that although the MLB utilizes their own ground crews, his crew & the Little League Players all get to sit and watch the MLB game.

Fans of the ground crew (like Clinton’s interviewer, Bill Bartee from local Charlotte outfitter, Jesse Brown’s) haven’t gotten to see the grounds crew as much.  This is due to the lack of rain this year & the less time to cover the field during air time on ESPN.

Another Carolinian that was a part of the 2023 LLWS was the late ESPN personality, Stuart Scott (1965-2015).  Scott was a part of the Northwest Forsyth (N.C.) Little League as a youth & is being posthumously enshrined as the 62nd person Little League® Hall of Excellence.

Get ready for tailgate season at Jesse Brown’s.  Camp Chairs, Yeti coolers & drinkwear, & the best looking selection of Duck Head Clothing in Charlotte.

Lake Cornelius with Joe Marusak

Segment 3, August 26th, 2023

There are many places in the Carolinas that are hidden in plain sight.  One of which was recently written about by our friend, Joe Marusak, from the Charlotte Observer.  He’s been working at the Charlotte Observer for over thirty years and covers a ton of stories.

We’re going to learn a little about one of North Carolina’s smaller lakes that hugs up next to NC’s largest manmade lake, Lake Norman.  Joe recently wrote about Lake Davidson & the query of it being a part of Lake Norman.  That story led to an invite to meet Lake Cornelius & this August 22 article.

During this chat with host Bill Bartee from the local Charlotte outdoor store, Jesse Brown’s, Marusak gives us his first hand experience of adventuring one recent Sunday on Lake Cornelius.

He also let’s us know that all the lakes were formed by Duke Energy when they created the 32,475 acre, Lake Norman. For this reason & the management of the Lake under federal license, both Cornelius & Davidson are considered part of Lake Norman by Duke.

Marusak let’s the listeners of the Carolina Outdoors know about the wildlife, the quietness, & the community of people that seek escape on Lake Cornelius.  Also, that Lake Cornelius is accessed at a YMCA that is located in Davidson, NC.  Just to keep all visitors on their toes.

Oh yes!  Lake Cornelius’s 125-acres is a lot cooler if you’re escaping the heat.  Joe described the shade & breeze that made his Sunday paddle trip pleasant.

This segment of the Carolina Outdoors was powered by the Sonic Fly Rod available in Charlotte at Jesse Brown’s.



Review of this Week’s Show

Segment 4, August 26, 2023

There’s still time to go for a swim this summer or a hike.  Although if you do head out for a hike, stay in the shade & take plenty of water.

Lee Clinton from the Grounds Crew at the Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA, gave us his breakdown of this annual tradition.
Joe Marusak from The Charlotte Observer for joining us on the Carolina Outdoors.  His articles on Lake Davidson & Lake Cornelius have helped us find places to escape in plain sight in the Charlotte outdoor scene.

Thanks to both guests & TJ “the DJ” Boggs for helping make the Carolina Outdoors happen!