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Duck Hunting with Jimmy Dobes

Segment 3, December 30th, 2023

Believe it or not, there are few groups of people who love this time of year when the cold and nastier weather shows up! On this section of Carolina Outdoors we delve into the life of one of those groups– duck hunters.

Jimmy Dobes of Southeast Specialty Outdoors joins the conversation to discuss all things duck hunting and how to best prepare for an enjoyable hunt this season. From analyzing wind direction, choosing your decoy spread, using various calls and finding your “X”, Dobes dives into the specifics when it comes to a successful hunt.

Scouting, or preparing for a hunt, is considered to be just as important. Dobes shares, “The most successful hunters are those that put in a little extra effort when it comes to scouting.”

Fighting a unusually warm season this year, duck hunters are more optimistic than ever with upcoming cold fronts.

In terms of equipment and gear, Charlotte outdoor store, Jesse Brown’s, has got you covered! Layering and staying warm are simply crucial to a fun hunt. Dobes shares his go-to is a light-weight base layer paired with a heavier-weight insulation piece and a wind-breaker shell and with hunts in the water, a quality pair of waders.

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Cold Weather Camping with Alex Flowers

Segment 3, December 2nd, 2023

The cold weather is here & while that means that many like huddling up around a fire place there are still a lot of people that continue to get outdoors.  Hunters, Hikers, & yes, even campers are still being outside during the cold weather months.

There are several reasons that cold weather camping is desirable.  We’re going to talk about some of those reasons:  Less haze for views, no bugs, no snakes, less sweat & perspiration & also guess what…less crowds. Continue reading Cold Weather Camping with Alex Flowers