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Boat Safety with Mike McDonald, Surf and Sport Lake Norman

Segment 3, July 22, 2023

All aboard this train called the Carolina Outdoors. One of the most happening places in the Carolinas this summer is Lake Norman.  Sitting just north of Charlotte this lake, fed by the Catawba River, is the largest manmade lake in the Carolinas.

Mike McDonald from Surf & Sport Lake Norman joins the program during these busy summer months to find out about boat safety.

McDonald states that lake traffic is much busier on Saturdays and Sundays but early weekdays are a great time to enjoy the lake with less traffic.

He breaks down what qualifies for boat safety?  If born after January 1, 1988 a boater safety course is required according to NC state law.
Also, remember to have PFD for the number of people that are on a boat, a cushion floatation, & fire-extinguishers.
Allow 100 yards space between other vessels, structures, or shallow water when operating a boat.

Check out the pontoons, tritoons, and wake surf boats that are available from SurfandSportLakeNorman.

Special thanks to Mike McDonald for joining the Carolina Outdoors, powered by Jesse Brown’s, & sharing boat safety requirements, recommendations, & lake wisdom for a safe fun summer on the lake.

News: New SC State Park & Skiplagging

Segment 4, July 22, 2023

A few things in the news with the Carolina Outdoors:

Six-hundred acres has been acquired for a new state park in South Carolina.  The new park will honor the Catawba Nation in Lancaster County, SC, along the banks of the Catawba River.  The property was sold by the Nisbett family through a transaction secured by the Open Spaces Institute.  Located south of Charlotte, the property is near Van Wyck Road in Lancaster County. It includes a mile of waterfront on the Catawba River.

Airlines are cracking down on the practice of skiplagging.  This is where passengers book a ticket but leave the flight in a connecting city (before it reaches its final, ticketed destination).
The reason for doing this is to save money on certain tickets.  It is not illegal but does violate the carriage requirements of airlines.

Special thanks to Mike McDonald of SurfandSportLakeNorman for joining the program as well as first year course marshall of the 24 Hours of Booty, Tom Pearman.

Wardrobe for the host was provided by the fly shop of Charlotte & incoming back-to-school supplies like the Borealis backpack from Jesse Brown’s.