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Full Service Gas at Killian’s Service Center

From the May 15th, 2021 Program-Segment 3)

People are heading for the mountains, the beach, to the park & more.  However, the 5500 mile Colonial Pipeline, going down has created a rush of people to the gas station.

Donnie Spurrier of Killian’s Service Center joins the Carolina Outdoors to talk about operating something that is rare these days:  A Full Service Gas Station

We’ll learn about the increase in lines, demand & scarcity of petroleum.  Plus, we’ll learn about what it takes to run a full service gas station, greeting, pumping the gas, checking the oil, cleaning the windshield & leaving them with a smile.

This station has been around for almost 70 years & is currently operated by owners, Joey Goforth & Spurrier, for almost 70 years & has become a mainstay in the lifeblood of the Clover, SC.

Gas demand is supposed to ease up as the Colonial Pipeline has come back online.

If you’re in Charlotte & need some outdoor gear for your adventure then stop by Jesse Brown’s but if you’re heading through Clover stop by Killian’s Service Center at 810 Bethel Street.