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You’re Never Too Old To Be A Kid Outdoors

In review of today’s show, Bill and Don reflect back on the topics discussed, as well as some recent interesting news from Jesse Brown’s facebook page: on October 26, a gentleman lovingly dubbed Dale “Gray Beard” Sanders became the oldest person to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail at 82 years young. His trek was continuous and northward. In 2015, he broke the world record as the oldest person to paddle the Mississippi River in its entirety.

It’s A Bird, Not A Plane, It’s The Mecklenburg Audubon Society!

Fall is a strong bird watching season here in the Carolinas, giving birders quite a feast for the eyes. On this segment, the Carolina Outdoor guys speak with Judy Walker of the Mecklenburg Audubon Society about what variety of flocks to expect this upcoming season. Judy also discusses the hummingbird and hawk migrations, as well as what plants birds like to frequent to build up their energy for their journey. On a similar note, the Mecklenburg Audubon Society is about to celebrate their 50th year of their founding, as are we, Jesse Brown’s Outdoors. And, if you’ve ever noticed the bird which takes the place of the apostrophe in our company’s name, you might just see a pileated woodpecker!

Women Outward Bound

In this segment of the Carolina Outdoors, Bill and Don dive into the history of the great leadership and team building organization, Outward Bound. The Outdoor Guys speak with Maxine Davis, lauded filmmaker, world traveler, and a participant of the first female Outward Bound class on the history of the group and her involvement in it. Beginning in 1965 with 24 ladies on a wilderness course in Minnesota for 30 days, to 2019 where Outward Bound is a household name, Maxine tells the story of this first class and their (her!) experiences through her 2016 documentary “Women Outward Bound.” During this time, the girls learned how to work as a team, setting the stage for generations to come and impacting the lives of those involved. The film will have its North Carolina premiere at Theater Charlotte on Thursday, November 14th.

Halloween & Rain: Cause For Celebration!

Beginning today’s show, the Outdoor Guys celebrate the precipitation which finally arrived! Bill, Don, and TJ the DJ, discuss Halloween, their favorite candy, the much needed rain, and a recent survey which found that 85% of Americans plan on celebrating the October holiday. In that same survey, 78% of parents admit to stealing candy from their kid’s stash! Is that even stealing though, they ask? With an update on how the weather has impacted the deer population, fishing, autumn leaves in the mountains, and the coastal plain, the Outdoor Guys discuss everything under the sun in today’s show.

Golden Autumn Leaves: Yes Please!

The Carolinas, especially our mountainous regions, serve as a world-wide destination for viewing beautiful autumn leaves, but from year to year the color changing patterns vary. Bill speaks with Western Carolina University’s Biology Professor, Dr. Beverly Collins, on today’s show to discuss when the ‘peak’ of leaf season will be, as well as why this natural occurrence happens. She says we can expect an “immediate” color change in the near future due to unseasonably high temperatures from early in October. Listen in to learn where the best viewing places are, along with when the best times will be, to see the vibrant color change.

In Closing, But First: Smoky Madtom

In this closing segment, Bill and Don reflect on their ship trip conversation with Scott Brown, but also discuss a type of fish called “Smoky Madtom” presumed to be extinct in the Smoky Mountains which is venomous but no longer than 3 inches but is back in the high country waters. In summary, the Outdoor Guys dive into the NC & SC State Fair experiences and recent adventures out in our beautiful world. Stay close ‘til next week!

From A Dream To Reality

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? Well, Don wanted to be a pirate! Today, the Outdoor Guys discuss this question with one of Jesse Brown’s heritage employees who is about to embark on a boat trip, sailing around the world. Scott Brown (the dreamer), and his wife Sam (the organizer), bought a used 42’ sail boat they call “Fruit Bat” and have been preparing and training for their trip which starts off November 1st. Scott is looking forward to their Pacific Ocean crossing after they navigate the Panama Canal and discussed all of the logistics and details that they will need to take into consideration to accomplish this goal. Scott recommends “to go and do these things while you’re young!” Stay up to date with their instagram, @sailingfruitbat.

An Update On North Carolina’s Fisheries & Streams

Speaking of weather, one thing many of us don’t think of, is the effect that weather patterns have on our state fisheries and streams. The Outdoor Guys check in with Jake Rash, Research Coordinator Of Inland Fisheries with NC Wildlife Resources, as to an update on stocking programs, the status of hatchery waters, and how stream conditions have returned to where they should be this time of year. Jake also discusses how the programs’ success really takes a village of dedicated workers, anglers, volunteers. What is Jake’s true passion in his position? Listen in as Bill and Don talk native species, western NC water programs, and how geography affects stream viability!

High Country Happenings!

Bill and Don are back at it on today’s Carolina Outdoors show, and as the weather turns to autumn and fall, conversation does too. The Outdoor Guys preview the 42nd Woolly Worm Festival taking place this weekend in Banner Elk, NC along with its origins and how the severity of winter’s upcoming weather will be officially predicted based on the color of bands on a certain worm. Then, happening just up the road from the festival, in Boone, is Appalachian State University’s Homecoming Game. Leaf season is predicted to peak November 2nd, and with lots more activities happening up in the High Country, you will want to get out and experience all the region has to offer!

It’s High Time For The State Fairs!

Earlier this week, Jesse Brown’s Outdoors sent Bill on assignment down to South Carolina to scout the South Carolina State Fair there in Columbia. The fair this year is in its 150th year and is bigger than ever. In comparison, Christopher attended the North Carolina State Fair last year, which takes place annually in Raleigh, and hopes to be in attendance again this year. The Outdoor Guys discuss the highlights of each and the delicious foods that one can find and indulge in at both autumn classic events!