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Trail Days with the Fix It Man, Allyn Morton

(05.14.22, Segment 3)

Hiking is a popular activity that many people partake in throughout the spring and summer months. A common place to section hike and thru-hike is the famous Appalachian Trail. Appalachian Trail Days is May 13th to 15th in Damascus, VA. Allyn Morton joins the Outdoor Guys to let us know what will be going on during Appalachian Trail Days! Listen to this episode to find out more!

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Weather & Fishing Report from The Outdoor Guys & Dave Bergman

(From 05.14.22, Segment 2)

As we prepare to play outside, it is always important to check the weather. If you are going fly fishing, you should definitely look into a fishing report. The Outdoor Guys and Dave Bergman share the current weather and fishing report during this episode. Listen in to find out what May is looking like!

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Beaty Jackson Talks Damascus

(From 05.14.22, Segment 1)

To start off this week’s podcast, the Outdoor Guys chat with Beaty Jackson, Town Councilman of Damascus, VA. The weather is warming which means people are on the lookout for places to adventure. A great place to keep in mind is the area of Damascus in Virginia. There is plenty to do, including hiking, biking, camping, and more! Trail Days is coming up as well (May13 – 16). Tune in to find out more!

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Storyteller’s Night Speaker – Ridr Knowlton

(From 05.07.22, Segment 3)

If you listened to the last episode of this week’s podcast, then you got to know the details behind Ridr Knowlton’s book, The Guides: A Collection of Untamed Stories. Come by Jesse Brown’s May 25th, 6 to 8pm for Storyteller’s Night to hear the inside scoop about Ridr Knowlton’s book and his personal adventures!

The Guides: A Collection of Untamed Stories by Ridr Knowlton

(From 05.07.22, Segment 2)

The Outdoor Guys, Bill Bartee and Wes Lawson, chat with Ridr Knowlton, author of The Guides: A Collection of Untamed Stories. Tune into this episode to learn about an author and his epic book about how the wilderness influences an adventure! Looking for your own copy? Find it here and check out for your adventure gear that will keep you prepared!

Storyteller’s Night Speaker – Scott Wurtzbacher

(From 04.30.22, Segment 3)

We have another amazing Storyteller’s Night speaker visiting us on the podcast today, Scott Wurtzbacher! Spending time outside is a big part of his life and his “happy place.” Take some time to think about where your happy place is and listen in to find out more about Scott’s!

Storyteller’s Night Speaker – Alexys J. Taylor

(From 04.30.22, Segment 2)

How were you introduced to the outdoors? This topic will be covered during our upcoming Storyteller’s Night – May 25th 6-8pm!

On this episode, the Outdoor Guys, Bill and Wes, chat with Alexys J. Taylor, Project Coordinator for the North Carolina Outward Bound School and Unity Project. Alexys is one of our Storyteller’s Night speakers and she has a lot to share about how she got involved in the great outdoors! Tune in to learn more!

Event Update – Storyteller’s Night

(From 04.23.22, Segment 4)

That’s right! It is time for another Storyteller’s Night at Jesse Brown’s Outdoors! Come hear a neighbor’s adventure on May 25th 6:00 to 8:00pm. There will be three 20-minute stories along with snacks & beer! Find out the the speakers and a preview into their stories in this podcast episode!


Bike Charlotte with Will Washam

(From 04.23.22, Segment 3)

I don’t know about you, but one of the first adventure memories the Outdoor Guys have is venturing out of their neighborhood on a bike! National Bike Month is coming up in May, so we thought it would be fitting to hear more from Will Washam, the Charlotte Bicycle Program Manager. Bike Charlotte, a program with events, recommended routes, and resources meant to celebrate cycling, is coming up April 22nd through May 8th! Listen in to this episode to learn more in terms of biking in Charlotte, NC.


Warm Weather Season at the U.S National Whitewater Center

(From 04.23.22, Segment 2)

The Outdoor Guys are pumped for spring, how about you? Speaking of spring, there are many adventure activities to get into around the Carolinas, but a place that always stands out is the U.S National Whitewater Center. Jesse Hyde, Brand Director for the Whitewater Center, joins the podcast to talk activities, camps, and events. Tune in to find out more details!

The U.S National Whitewater Center is hosts Tuck Fest every year! Tuck Fest is a full on celebration of the outdoors with mountain bike, trail running, kayak, and climbing competitions! 2022 Tuck Fest takes place April 29th through May 1st and Jesse Brown’s Outdoors will be there! So gear up and come join us!