“Cicadas Hit Snooze” says the Headline

(From the May 15th, 2021, Segment 4)

CNN’s headline says it all.  But why?

For people that love the outdoors and may head out for a camping trip, fly fishing journey or drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway, the sounds of the outdoors includes insects.

However, the 17-year Cicada hatch scheduled for this year (Brood X) has been delayed due to the cooler weather.

So instead of putting on their buggy-little Baggie Shorts they’re relying on their Long Underwear.

All kidding aside, May’s cooler temperatures have kept the ground cooler & that is where the Cicadas emerge.  Don’t worry they’re still coming & the sounds of the trees will be louder than ever across the East Coast but especially in the mountains and hills of our Carolina Outdoors.