A Football Forecast With Langston Wertz

(From 08.20.22, Segment 3)

Along with the rest of the Queen City, Jesse Brown’s Outdoors sure does love the game of pigskin. But we’re not the only ones; the greater Charlotte region is ripe with star athletes and high school programs complete with enthusiastic fan bases dedicated to the sport of football.

So, in order to catch up on all of the happenings with this sport in the Charlotte-area, Langston Wertz, Jr., from The Charlotte Observer, joins us on the program to give a preview of the upcoming football season and let us know what’s happening as well as what to look for as we move into fall.

Make sure to also check out “Talking Preps: Season 6 Debut” put out by the Charlotte Observer for some more in-depth insight into this upcoming season.

And don’t delay: grab a GCI Chair from Jesse Brown’s Outdoors and and tune in to find out who you will be cheering on next!