Preparing For The Western Hunt

(From 08.20.22, Segment 2)

This time of year finds a number of folks preparing for a hunting trip out West, whether that be to Utah, Montana, Wyoming, or Colorado. For some it is a tradition and for some it will be a new experience! But how exactly does one prepare for this type of trip? Brand such as FILSON may come to mind.

Today, the Outdoor Guys invite David Gaskins onto the Carolina Outdoors to discuss preparations for a trip such as this and to offer insight into what to expect on some of the expeditions. This is a trip of a lifetime; something to be anticipated, cherished, and fondly remembered.

Seven J Outfitters in Sundance, Wyoming is one of the expedition services that offer guided hunts, and is discussed in the show’s audio. Hunt options include: Muledeer, Turkey, Elk, Whitetail, and Antelope.

As you get excited for the hunt season ahead, whether or not you will be taking one of these trips yourself, make sure to check out more of David’s adventures via his Instagram page (@dayonedave).